Dragon Magazine March Issue

Moe~suu minna-san!! How is everybody doing out there. I know some of you guys may have this reaction like: “Wow! Finally a new post after such a long time.” Well, I can’t really give excuses to cover up myself but still, I was busy these few weeks even though I have no school. Anyway, I will try to catch up to what I supposed to have done as soon as possible.

Well, today I will be doing a review on a particular magazine called the Dragon Magazine which I have purchased for the very first time. Some of you guys might also be the same case as me as we have the same reason for purchasing this particular issue of the Dragon Magazine. Tensai (genius) no Mahou Shoujo, Haruna-chan, is what I wanted which is why I purchased it. Nitengo which is the company who released the figure is really doing well in making people purchasing their stuffs. Before I talk about the figure itself, I will do some short review on the book.

As far as I known, magazines have different category and I only know some of them which is information magazine, comics and some of the ongoing stuffs that is happening in the anime industry. But for Dragon Magazine, it is a different case as this is the first time I have seen a magazine which showcases light novels of some series that are ongoing right now which I think is a unique magazine to have. Inside hardly have any information about the ongoing animes. Well, it is not a really bad magazine as I can say but I will not collect it though as it cost quite a lot, 980 yen per issue without shipping.

And going into the figure itself, we have Haruna-chan in her Masou Shoujo outfit. I think you guys should know about the show as it is currently very popular right now, well, I can say for sure, in Singapore. In case if you don’t know about the show, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is the name of the anime, watch it if you have the time. This is really a really well made figure even though I don’t really know about the details of the company. Thumbs up for Nitengo! The figure portrays the character very well and you can see how cute she is. The details from head to toe is really well crafted out and hope they can continue the hardwork into releasing more figures.

Well, the magazine also includes two more inclusive which is the Seitokai no Ichizon’s pencil board and Victory Spark’s card. Not going to do a review about them but if you are interested, try to get your hands on it as I am not really sure whether you still can find it around or not. This is all for my reviews for today and hope to see you again soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!


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Open Suggestions!

Moe~suu minna-san!! How are you guys? Today, I will not be doing any reviews or any special things. Apparently, I have been given suggestions by some of my friends on how to improve my reviews better and I would like to take this opportunity to actually get some advise from you guys who have visited my blog. Feel free to actually write what you have got to say and I may use some of the ideas given by you guys to improve my reviews.

This post may be a boring post I know as there isn’t any pictures that I can use and on the other hand, I am also quite busy with lots of stuffs. My room is also in a mess and I would like to clear it as soon as possible so that I can proceed on to my other figure reviews.

Anyway, hope to get some suggestions from you so that I can improve my blog better and will be able to get more people to come visit. This is all for my short post for today, hope to hear from you soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Ami Ami’s Ikaros

Moe~suu minna-san!! I wonder how’s everyone? I have been doing fine and also, I am currently waiting for my Polytechnic admission results to come out so now I have the free time to do some posting. Well, like always, I will be doing another review on my latest collection. As you can see from the picture, if you can recognize, is Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono. Not forgetting that this figure is from Ami Ami. I bought this figure as it kind of interest me and also, there isn’t much company that are making this series PVCs and figures and the other company that I can remember is Grans and so far till now, only Ikaros have been announced and released. Well, to the figure itself…

Here we have it chi sai no (little) Ikaros. Isn’t she cute? This is also another reason why I have bought this figure because I found out that they hardly release any chibi figure of a character. This is actually the first time that I have bought Ami Ami’s product or is this their first release? I shall find out later… Anyway, they are also quite good in making the details of the figure. No complain or whatsoever but it is kind of disappointing that Ikaros have a small hole at her back which I do not know what is it for. Points deducted for that. Overall, I can say that this figure is nicely made and I got no worries in purchasing Nymph and Astrea that will be releasing in the coming months.

If you are a fan of this series or character, you may want to buy this figure as really, there isn’t much Sora no Otoshimono figure that you can find outside. Well, this is all for my reviews for today, will see you soon in my coming post. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Nendoroid: Dead Master

Moe~suu minna-san!! How are you guys over the past few days? Well, to me, it is really a tiring month for me as I now have everyday overtime work to do to earn more money for my expenses. Will not die just yet and still as good as ever to post something new on this blog and at the same time, I am trying to add something new to my blog so it will not look so boring like last year. Today, if you can see from the picture, I will be doing a review on a recent released nendoroid, Dead Master. Did you remember Black*Rock Shooter? Well, today is finally the turn to review about her friend. Before I proceed to the figure itself, this Dead Master do not come with a free DVD like BRS if you know and they have used back to the old box design too.

Now going into the figure itself… Here we have Dead Master all worn out from battle just now. At the same time, my apologies for the lousy pictures taken by me and fear not, I am saving money to get a DSLR so that I can have a more better quality pictures for my blog and you will be able to enjoy it in a more better view. I have also taken a liking to this pose of Dead Master as it is so cute just like what I pose for BRS too. Well, the details of the figure, like always, perfect! I also loved the special base that is included with her and apparently, I didn’t know Dead Master also have a lot of extra accessories that comes with it till I bought it.

Now, we can’t have Dead Master all alone by herself which is why BRS is here to rest with her after their long battle. Isn’t it cute that they way that they are pose in? A good add on to my collection indeed. What is left is the arrival of Black Gold Saw and Strength which still have a couple of months more to go. Well, if you are a fan of DM or BRS, you should really think hard on getting your hands on their products as they are beautifully made by Good Smile Company.

This is all for my post for today and see you soon in my coming reviews. Jya~ne minne-san!!

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Black*Rock Shooter Limited Edition Blue-Ray DVD set

Moe~suu minna-san!! Did everyone have fun over the holidays? Well, school is going to reopen for some of you guys tomorrow but not me as I am waiting for my results to be release. Was wondering, did anyone of you guys out there actually read my post from the 1st? If you do, you should know that today is the 1st year anniversary of my blog. I can finally congratulate myself for these wonderful one year of posting. Well, I will improve my blog better and better to keep you guys coming again. Going into the details of the post for today, I will be doing a Blue-Ray DVD review on the recent released Black*Rock Shooter. Have anyone watched the show yet? I liked this series (not really a series as it have only one episode), it have great character design and quite a nice story too. As you can see from the picture, that is the box of the Blue-Ray DVD and not forgetting that it is actually a limited edition product which comes with a few interesting stuffs.

Well, to show you what is inside… Here you have it in the picture, all the stuffs that comes along with the set. Well, initially I thought that the set only comes with the Blue-Ray DVD and the nendoroid petit, later did I found out that there is a small graphic book and storyboard that comes along with it. There is also a few pieces of advertising paper on the going to be released Black*Rock Shooter game if you have known about it already. Today I will not be doing the review on the nendoroid petit as I am not going to open it anytime soon. But I will definitely do a review on it when I open it. Another thing is that, inside the Blue-Ray DVD box, there include two disc, one which is the Blue-Ray DVD and the other one is the normal DVD for those people out there who still doesn’t own a Blue-Ray player. Interesting enough though.

Well, I have come to the end of my review for today, if you are a fan of Black*Rock Shooter, you may want to think about getting your hand on this set. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Dengeki’s Festival January 2011

Moe~suu minna-san!! Akemashite omedetou! It is the new year today and also the first post of this year. Well, I wonder how is this day special to you guys out there? To me, it is a brand new year to accomplish my new tasks and fulfill my dreams and desires. So, today for a start, I shall do a review on a magazine that have been release for quite awhile and it’s popularity is something. What I will be reviewing on as you can see from the picture, this is the Dengeki’s Festival January 2011 issue. This is one magazine that I don’t really buy it everytime though but because this time they have included stuffs which I really liked which made my decision to buy it. Well, this magazine content is actually about an anime series, different on every issue, and they talk about that particular anime and also introduce the character and seiyuu’s of them. There are also lots of interesting arts too if you are interested.

Well, let’s get on quickly to the other contents that is included with the magazine itself. The magazine actually includes two stuffs, one is the one you can see from the picture, a figure of Kuroneko, my most favourite character of the series and the other inclusive is the towel of Kirino. (Forgot to take a picture of it and kept the box…) Well, you can say that the main reason why I got the magazine is because of Kuroneko and I really can’t deny it. The details of the figure is actually good and I liked her pose as a neko girl as it brings out the inner cuteness of the character.

Well, if you are interested in getting your hands on it, you better do it now as it is currently sold out in most of the web. If you seen it anywhere, it is highly recommended that you buy it if you are a fan of Kuroneko or the series. Well, this is all for my reviews for today and see you soon in the next post coming real soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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No more space!!

Moe~suu minna-san!! Today is the last day of the year and I will be doing my last post for the year too. My apologies for not being so active in posting these few days as I am busy with my work and other stuffs. But well, I will also not be doing any reviews as I am currently trying my best to sort out my stuffs and make space in my room for my other figures that have not been opened yet. Anyway, you can consider this as a random post and also to show you the stuffs that are on the picture that I will be doing a review on in the near future which is not very long.

Let’s us talk about some stuffs shall we? I wonder how many of you guys out there did a rough estimation on how much have you spent during this whole year and well, I was shock when I had a rough estimation on all the stuffs that I have bought. But well, can’t really regret too much since I have already bought it and there will be more stuffs that will come in next year. Should start to plan my budget so I will have enough money to spent and also for cosplaying.

I also kept a lot of unwanted models or figures that I bought way long back and they are still in perfect conditions, I wonder will people buy it if I put it out for sale? This teaches us to spent smart and not to buy them just because they look nice or cheap because you will end up putting them aside. I change my way of collecting just a few months back and only to buy a few specific series only and also they details and how they sculpt it, and now I am thinking hard on whether if I want to start my collection on PVC Black Rock Shooter figures as they are sculpted fantastically and very detailed but on the other hand, they are quite expensive and they still have more character coming out soon. Will decide that on January instead. So how do you collect your figures?

Well, this is all for my post for today and also wishing everyone a Happy New Year and lets have more fun in our hobby on 2011. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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