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Day 3… Victory!!!

Hi guys, finally  the war today, day 3 has ended and I emerge as one of the winner. And why this is so hard to get is that this is only limited to 2 boxes per day and only 3 places sells it and it lasted for only 5 days. Which means there is only 30 boxes available, but I am not sure about other unknown shop that I don’t know. The other also have got this during the Comiket 77 at the Tokyo Big Sight and wow, that event was amazing as I can say. Forgotten to tell you what this is… This is actually the Weis Schwarz Nanoha The Movie 1st Special Box Set (thats how I called it…) and if you played the card game, you should know this very well. As I am a big fan of Nanoha, I am also playing the Nanoha deck and wow, I love it ever since.

This box includes a foldable deck case and it has a pretty amazing design on it and it makes me fall in love with Nanoha and Fate.

The second item that is included is the card album for Nanoha, quite small actually. (Actually thought that it was big one…)

The third item is the playing mat made out of cloth and its amazing that they used cloth and printed the picture on it unlike the paper made ones.

Next is the deck seperater. Three are included inside and the picture is designed very well.

Last but not least, two boxes of Nanoha The Movie 1st Extra Pack to boost your deck to a higher level. (My deck is quite weak…)

Anyway, if you want to get it, make sure you get it as quick as possible so that you won’t regret it later on. Well, I will upload more picture below to show you the contents inside.

And thats all on what I am going to share with you guys, lets wait for more news coming.


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Day 2…

Today is the day 2 of my war!!! And the result is… I lost. Losing 2 straight day isn’t like me, and the fault lies on extra classes today. Who loves extra classes? I am sure nobody does or maybe some of them do. Phew… calming down and getting ready for day 3 which is tomorrow and I hope that I will win the battle!!!

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War time…

Hi guys, sorry that I will not be able to update my blog for some of the day because I will be super busy. Want to know? Too bad I can’t tell you because it is a secret. But I will be fighting a war for my collections so I hope that I will win because it last for 5 days starting from today and I lost today… Hope to win by this Saturday.

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Lyrical Box

Look what we have here guys… The long awaited Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable The Battle of the Aces Lyrical Box is finally here. I was actually quite shock when this came as I have been waiting for this game to come about 2 months you can say but anyway, this is worth waiting for. This came around 4 pm in the afternoon and luckily, my lessons have finished.

This box includes a bunch of goodies and besides the box, it includes a card which everything is in Japanese so I am not sure what it says but the card contains a password for the downloadable content in the game to unlock something which I am not very sure about it. (And it expires on May…) Anyway, to Actar if you are reading my post, the art book you see on the page that shows Nanoha, Fate and Hayate in its chibi form is actually the downloadable content that I mention. Sorry if I offended you or anything, but your review is great.

Anyway, back to my review (or whatever you call it) The box contain a double sided pouch which have picture on them and like what Actar said, there is a spelling mistake on it but never the less, it is great. The next item that is inside is the microfibre cloth which can be use for cleaning your PSP screen or PC, it actually has a chibi form of Nanoha and Fate on it and it is exceedingly cute as I can say. The third item that is included inside is a towel with the picture of Nanoha and Fate on it  and I don’t think I will be using it as I don’t want to dirty it as it is part of my collection. The fourth item that is found inside is the sticker of Nanoha and Fate and some other small sticker on it. The fifth item that is inside is the bathroom poster, three of them, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate and for your information, these are all waterproof so you don’t have to be scared to tear or damage it. Last but not least, my favourite item in the box is the limited edition Figma Nanoha school uniform ver. coded SP-oo7. (Sounded like james bond though.)

Amazing isn’t it, a bunch of item that is found inside and you can’t miss it if you are a Nanoha fan yourself. I am a huge Nanoha fan but sadly, the movie that debuts on the 23rd January I can’t watch as it is shown in Japan. I have more picture that you can take a look at below and I have nothing much to say anymore as maybe I am going to do a video review of it but only if I have a proper camera that is not o sucky as this one I am using. So wait till more more news… bye!!!

The back of the box with the limited edition figma in it.

The variety of goodies that is inside.

Last but not least, the Figma Nanoha and little yuuno.

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Wow, I can’t believe that I am so busy today. I went to help out my bro at his office so that I can earn extra cash to use but I didn’t know that there is so much things to do and it totally drain out my energy. Great news, my Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Battle of the Aces Portable special set will be coming from Japan to my home by next week and wow, I can’t wait for it soon. Sorry for the boring post though but I hope I can post up more interesting things by next week. Bye.

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What the heck!?

I am so disapointed with my life on why I wasn’t born in Japan. Today actually marks the debut of Nanoha the Movie 1st and Fate Stay Night ~Unlimited Blade Works~. I really wanted to watch these shows but too bad, if I want to watch, I will have to wait for a few months till the Blue Ray disc of these two movie is release. Whats even more saddening to me is that my bro is actually going to Japan Akihabana to watch the movie next week and I am so envy of him to actually be able to go Japan quite often. Well anyway, he is going to get me gifts so I got no complains what so ever. Let wait till the movie reaches Singapore.

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More $$ went down the drain…

Wow, I can’t believe that I watch Tooth Fairy again with my friends and it cost me another $6… But anyway, even after watching it 2 time, I still couldn’t get bored of it. After that, my friend went out to have dinner and I never ate because I don’t want to spent money on food. Around 8 pm, me and my friends went to Illuma shopping to play LAN gaming and we played 2 hours of left 4 dead 2. Wow, that was so exciting and it took us 1.30 hours to complete Dark Carnival and it was so exciting. Well, I did nothing much today as the time is short and time flys fast.

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