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Right now, I don’t really have the time to upload some anime stuffs. As you can see, I am currently having my common test examinations and it will end really soon. Initially, I wanted to upload some news into my blog but I can’t seem to have any anough time to update so I just take a few minutes to tell you guys this stupid stuff. But anyway, tomorrow, I will be visiting some figurine shops to check out for new item as told by the shopkeeper so maybe I will get some stuffs or maybe not as I am going broke after I reserved Nendoroid Azusa and Azusa figure by Alter. This two really cost a bomb. I am currently still waiting for my Nanoha Stand-by ready mode to arrive but I am also not sure why is it so slow. But the figure is going to be outstanding though. So, this is all I am going to update you guys about and so gooodnight.


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Figma Review: Hirasawa Ui

Finally, I get to do a good review on figures. Today, I will be reviewing about Figma: Hirasawa Ui uniform ver. This figure is exceeding rare to me as this is my 1st exclusive figure and the code as you can see in the picture is EX-004. This figure is from wonderfest itself and it really cost a lot. Anyway back to the figures, the box is very well decorated as you can see the background image representing a classroom.

At the back of the box, you can see Ui in variable pose and it also shows come chocking hazard notice in Japanese but thats all I can say about the box.

In the box, it contains figma Ui with two exchangable face, one with a happy face and the other with a worried face. It also come with a pair of exchangable shoes and a hand holding the castanet. It also include two school bag and I don’t really know why did thay include two. I suppose that the other one is for Yui onee-chan. Not forgetting a few pairs of exchangable hands, a three jointed stand and a figma base. (With a ziplock bag like all figma do…) By the way, I willl not be opening the box to display my figure 1st because right now, my room is in a big mess with lots of figure that I don’t know where to place them at. Everything is read from the box in Japanese.

Anyway, I got some picture online so I will just use them and let you guys take a look at it.

This is all for my reviews and I will upload more stuffs for the next few days so please come and visit my blog again. Bye.

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New Year?

Guess what, I manage to get my hands on a special nendoroid puchi set as shown in the image above. I got it just today afternoon before my work and wow, it is a achievement for me as an Otaku and anyone would also want to get their hands on it too. But, this is actually a last year special figure and I just got it now. (What the heck…) This figure is called Nendoroid Puchi: Lucky Star New Year Set. The cute girls from Lucky Star are back again in Nendoroid Puchi form, this time wearing beautiful miko dresses to celebrate the New Year!
Each of the girls comes with a little personal extra, such as a wooden plaque offering, or a paper fortune. Even the stands are made to look like a paved path that would be found at a New Year’s festival, making it the perfect item to celebrate the new year!

But too bad the new year is over and I just got the figure. This actually cost 3000yen in Japan and I got it for SGD $80 and it deals lots of damage to my wallet as I also got an exclusive Hirasawa Ui figma. You may wonder how I got the figma, this is actually from the “Wonderful Hobby Life for You 11″ Wonderfest 2010 and only 3000 pieces is available during the event and it is only scheduled to be release on June 2010. It is numbered EX-004 figma and wow, this figure is amazing. But I will do a review tomorrow.

Back to the nendoroid, it includes 4 character namely Tsukasa, Konata, Kagami and Miyuki. Basically, it is just the 4 main character of Lucky Star. It also includes a broom which is for Tsukasa, a tag for Konata (Is it call the new year tag?), a papercraft torii gate which is for Kagami (I think), and a cup like thing which is for Miyuki, and lastly 1 set of re-usable stickers for the plaque offerings.

To think that I actually got my 1st special figure makes me really happy as I can say and I have decided not to open it and just display it nicely in my room. I have more picture that I have taken so just enjoy it.

The box in the inside (Wrapping not done by me)

Tsukasa and Konata

Kagami and Miyuki

This is how the nendoroids looked like. I used the pictures from the internet as it is much more clearer than the ones I took myself with a camera phone.

The back of them…lolz

The super clear picture of Konata and Tsukasa

The super clear picture of Kagami and Miyuki

I have come to the end of the post and I hope you like today’s post because I personally think that this is the best post that I have made. Stay tuned for tomorrow post as I will review about figma Hirasawa Ui.

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Another StrikerS

Finally I got a Vita after a long decision. Sad that I wasn’t able to get Signum figma when I was at Melaka as there is a shop that may sell it. Too bad as I wasn’t able to go there as my parents are busy and there is not enough time to go there. I was actually thinking to get a Nanoha figma movie ver. but they KKNM still haven’t receive the stock yet so I will have to wait. But anyway, coming back to the figure, Vita have a lot of stuffs that is included in the box like all forms of her weapon. She even have lots of articulations that can allow you pose her in many ways. Below I have uploaded some picture of Vita so please anjoy.

Sorry for the blur image if you think that it is not clear. To improve on it will takes time and money and now I am cutting my own expenses or else I will not be able to get the other Nanoha figure that I wanted. After Max Factory anounced that they are releasing Subaru figma (not the car but Nakajima Subaru), I was actually thinking whether are they releasing Zafira figma so to complete the knights collection and if they were to release, it would be great to all as we will be able to complete the collection of the knights. I am coming to the end of the post but what I got to say is that I may not be able to post for a few days due to my examinations but anyway, I will try my best to continue to share more things with you guys.

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So damn sick…

Today is another day of hell as I can say. In school , I am not feeling that well and when I got home, I fall sick. To think that I vomitted 3 times with my body temperature of 38.5 degree celcius that isn’t like me. Actually, I wanted to go out to get figma Nanoha movie ver. and vita, but, getting this ill makes me lazy and not feel like going out. So maybe when I am better tomorrow, I will get the stuffs that I wanted.

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Something Stupid… (Emoing now)

Have you ever know what is it feel like when you are being called names or what so ever. Since I am a Malaysian, I am being called the Malaysia guys and actually I don’t mind at all. But today, someone just told me that I am being call AA which means attract attention and I don’t feel comfortable and it feels so hurtful when actually I am just being more active than usual. Wonder what’s wrong with me, it makes me feel like I am not belong to this part of the world. Actually I already feel like that long ago. If I were to ask you whether you like being in a group or being alone, what will you choose? My answer is simple, ALONE! When you are alone, nobody cares what you are doing and you can just do your own things as you like. No one will piss you off and you can be irritating-free. Not so sure why I am posting this type of stuff in my anime blog but a message to all out there, don’t become like me…AA… To think that I am actually hurt, it make me sad, so sad that I don’t even feel like talking to anyone at all. If you guys become like me, what I can say is you will regret it as you will be call the irritating one indeed. I don’t even know how am I attracting attention. I am just only talking in my normal form as I actually have a loud voice that I can’t control. I just want to be happy everyday, but after today, I really dunno what will happen to me. I shouldn’t have exist in the 1st place. Sorry to all the guys out there who are reading this, I thank you for your kind thoughts (even you don’t have). But after tomorrow, I won’t be able to post as I will not be in Singapore for a few days… I HATE VALANTINES DAY!!!

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Long at last, I finally got my own Mio nendoroid. I was on the verge on giving up as I really couldn’t find it anywhere and I told myself not to give up as I really wanted the whole collection of K-On nendoroid. To think that I finally got it makes me really happy in any sense that my Yui won’t be lonely anymore. It was quite shocking to look at the price as this product was imported from US and damn it, it cost me $85.90 but it was worthy though and it taught me a lesson on not to delay anything that you want to get as it will sell like hotcakes in the blizzard. Now that my wallet is severely damage, I will have to start from scratch to save as this month is the release of Ritsu nendoroid and I couldn’t wait and what’s more is that Chinese New Year is coming and I money that I receive will be able to support me.

There are more pictures up in stock…

Look at how happy they are when they are not lonely.

I got so much more that I want to update about like I have make reservations for Azusa nendoroid and Azusa Alter ver. Maybe in one of the post I will talk about the Wonder Fest that happen just recently and wow, that event is a blast. So see you guys next time for more news up in stock.

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