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1/7 Scale Takamachi Nanoha Exceed Mode

Hi guys, today post will be another great one as you not know, I am actually going Nanoha crazy this week and I almost spent all of my assets that I have just to get them. Anyway, if you not know from the picture, it is actually the 1/7 scale Takamachi Nanoha Exceed Mode by Alter and it is really a big difference to the Standby Ready Mode that I reviewed on. Even though they have the same scale, Exceed mode is actually two times bigger than Standby Ready Mode. At this point of time, you should know that I am a big fan of Nanoha and too bad I started my collection late or else I would have gotton the young ver. of Fate and Nanoha from the Ace series and also Fate Testarossa True Sonic Form which I totally got no chance to get as there are a lot of other fans out there who are crazy about them.

Well, back to the review, no complain or what so ever and the painting is superb and it is sculpted very detailed and there is totally no smurge of paint and if there is one, I will complain as I paid $209 for her. But can’t complain as she is so beautiful in everyway. She also comes with 4 flying  stuff which I forget what are they but I actually had a hard time to connect them onto the stand and now, my hand is painful. Not forgetting her weapon, Raising Heart in its Excelion Mode and too bad it doesn’t comes with the normal mode like the Standby Ready Mode. It also comes with a pair of flyer fins for her legs and I actually took time to sort out which part is for which side as it comes with 6 seperate pieces together.

Well, there is nothing else that I can review on as I am not a very good reviewer so this will marks the end of today’s post and before that, I will upload pictures as usual to show you my Nanoha in various angle shots.

The back of the box with nice blue colour scheme and if you can see the tiny picture there at the bottom, that will be what I said about the flying thing.

The inside of the box…

The base and the rest of the items inside. (I actually had a hard time removing the tapes as I don’t want tapes to be on the box.)

Figure Nanoha. Hooray… and you can see clearly how my computer table looks like.

Various angles of Nanoha, beautiful isn’t she.

I have come to the end of my post for today and I will try to do a interesting post for tomorrow also as I can’e be buying figures everyday. See you.


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1/7 Scale Takamachi Nanoha Movie Version

Hi guys, I initially wanted to share some nice news with you guys but it seems that Nanoha wants to be screened today so I will be doing a review on her. This just came today and if you do not know what is this, this is actually Takamachi Nanoha Standby Ready Mode Movie ver. from Alter and this is also the figure that is also been delayed for a few months. As a fan of Nanoha, how can I not get this, she is beautiful in everyway and also the design is so bright and I can’t take my eyes off her even for a minute.

Anyway, back to the review, no complain or what so ever and the painting is nicely done and so is the Raising Heart. If you not know, her barrier jacket have some changes for the movie and it is very obvious and it look more better than the old one. I also didn’t expect that the figure will be suspended in air with two slim metal rods and this is what makes her look as though she is flying with her flyer fins. The base for the figure is also design nicely with the magic symbols printed on it. She also comes with an extra small base for her Raising Heart to be put on, if you not know, her weapon comes with two forms, normal mode and the shooting mode. Though I have one complain, the figure is secured too complicatedly and it took me time to actually remove her from the box.

I have come to the end of the review as I got not much to review on scaled figure so I will just upload somemore picture of her to share with you guys.

The back of the box with Nanoha in two poses.

The look from the inside.

The weapons and base.

Nanoha in her various angles.

This is the end of my post and tomorrow will also be a good one for me as I can say. Hope you will visit my blog again tomorrow. Bye.

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Figma Fate Testarossa

Finally, without much thought, I got this figma today and I feel so happy. Not much shop have this figma and I wonder why… Anyway, if you not know, this is figma Fate Testarossa uniform ver. and as a Nanoha fan myself, how can I let this figure go. For your information, this is actually the last figma that I can find but still, the other more popular shop didn’t got this figma but anyway they should come really soon. For those people who are also a Nanoha fan, you should know that the Nanoha uniform ver. is a SP product which can only be gotten from the Nanoha Battle of the Aces Lyrical Box, a limited edition box set. So if you want to get it, you should hunt for it before it gets totally sold out.

Back to the figure, it comes with an exchangable face of her colsing her eyes feeling relax, a pair of hair ribbons which she originally use it, a schoool bag and the rest is all the common item like the three jointed stand and a base with a few pair of exchangable hands. No complains about the figure or anything but the painting on the skirt is a bit off as I can say. She also come with her familiar Arf in her puppy form and she looks really cute. Not much review to do about her but I will just upload the rest of her picture that I have taken to share with you guys.

The back of the box with her various post and the list of included items is printed.

Fate’s extra parts and other accessories.

Figma Fate and Familiar Arf, aren’t they cute?

Shots of other angle to have a clearer look at her.

I have come to the end of today’s post and tomorrow will be an even better as I will talk about one of my favourite figure that I have ordered so just wait till tomorrow and see you.

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No topic…

Today was actually a long day for me as I can say. I got work in the morning from 10a.m. all the way to 9.30p.m. and my brother was like, slacking? I got to do lots of paperwork which he don’t need to, lucky him. But anyway, I earned some cash for myself to spend for the next week, not very much though, it is better than nothing. I wonder what will happen tomorrow and I also did not complete my coursework for my ‘O’ levels and I know that I will get screwed. Too tired now to talk some anime stuffs but I just watched the latest One Piece episode and nice number episode 444 and fair enough, a lot of people died in that episode or maybe you say defeated. I can’t wait for next week as episode 445 will be even more exciting. Well, going to have my goodnight sleep now, that all for my post today, hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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March Sharing Session…

Hi guys, I got nothing special to talk about for today as I actually just reached home at around 10:45pm and I don’t have any ideas what to talk about. But anyway, today I actually have a CCA seminar that I will need to attend and wow, you can actually say that it is really boring. It lasted for about 8 hours and 30 minutes excluding an one hour lunch and what we do over there is only to use your ears and listen to their lecture. I was really bored out as it dragged on till 5:30pm where they released us…

After that, I actually went to City Hall to meet all my friends and one of them actually came back all the way from New Zealand as you can say, holiday. It’s been a year since I meet him as he went to New Zealand to study and now he came back just for these three weeks. We went to Kallang Leisure Park and visited the figurine shop there and also had our dinner too and then we proceed to Plaza Singapura for the same reason. This is when I have a good news for you guys if you are a Nanoha fan.

Figma Fate Testarossa Uniform ver. had been release and wow, I have been waiting for her to join my Nanoha as she is lonely without Fate. It cost $45 though, I did not purchase it as I don’t have the money to buy but, I will get it around next week, I think… Still, I got the temptation to buy figurines but in the end, I did not but anything, not even a fiigure that is around $50 or less. Maybe it’s because that I got a lot of figure that I have made reservation and I am broke now.

Not to worry though, I will be working again tomorrow as usual to help out my brother and I can earn extra cash for my hobby. (Hobby = Investment)

I have come to the end of the post and just to tell you guys, please help me out in spreading my blog url to all Otakus worldwide and let them be able to see my blog and also get to communicate with them also. There will be a high chance that I will not be able to post tomorrow as I don’t have the time to do it but I hope that I will be able to so as to keep my blog alive. Bye…

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The other dream figure

Hi guys, today I will be doing another great post about one of my dream figures and that will be none other than figma Black Rock Shooter. How can I miss out this figure that will be release together with nendoroid B.R.S. (*Note: B.R.S. means Black Rock Shooter.) This figma is also scheduled to be release on July, the month of my birthday. Strangely though, I never see any picture of this figma in my brother’s photo’s of the Wonder Fest 2010, I wonder whether did he miss out anything there. Happy enough that I will surely get the figma as I already made reservations for it and I wonder whether my Otaku buddy who is playing visual novel now wants to buy it or not. This also made be go almost bankrupt as all the figures that I have made reservation actually will come in June and July and maybe some in August and this is the three months that I will have to be prepared to clear up come space for all of my figures especially my K-on collection. Well, I will just skip the crap and proceed to the picture that I have uploaded and be amaze by it.

B.R.S. with her cannon for whatever you want to call it. I wonder whether her weapon have a name or not? If have can anyone tell me what it is…

After looking at this picture, I actually feel very excited as it comes with a second stand for the cannon and it makes me wonder how big will the figma box be?

B.R.S. with her sword. Looks cool isn’t it?

Another dynamoc pose of her with her sword. I wonder will she be able to pose with both her sword and her cannon.

I have come to the end of my post for today and I hope you like it a lot. Dream figures, something that really makes me look forward to. There is still a lot of figures of my dream though but it is not yet open for reservation but I will update soon enough. Lastly, just to tell you, my most desirable figure is actually from the Touhou Project and I wonder how to get it though as it is very hard. They are all my favourites and I can’t wait to get my hand on it soon, if possible…

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One of my dream nendoroid

To think that I do double post in a day show that I have a lot of things that I want to share with everyone who is interested. Finally, one of my dream nendoroid finally have been open for reservation and I am really excited about it. The above nendoroid if you not know, it is actually named the Black Rock Shooter and I have plan on getting it before it is open for reservation. My brother went to Wonder Fest 2010 during the beginning of the year and he had taken lots of pictures and one of the nendoroid I came across was this Black Rock Shooter. There is actually lots of other figures that I wanted to get too like Fate Testarossa movie ver. figure but it is not been painted yet. There is also lots of Black Rock Shooter character that will be release soon enough and I hope to collect all of them although I don’t have the money though.

This figure is scheduled to be release on the July, the month of my birthday and I can’t wait long enough. Rest assured that I will get this figure as I already made reservation for it just in case I cannot get it as Singapore is a country that is very far away from Japan. I have more pictures that I will upload afterwards and you will know how great this nendoroid is.

To think that the blue flame in her eyes can be removed makes me think that it is magnetic like the ones nendoroid Ritsu have for her head bump. Creative enough though.

What a cute exchangable face expression. Cutieeeeeeee…

Look at her dynamic pose, isn’t she cool?

A variety pose indeed as I can say.

This is the end of this news and I actually wanted make the third post in the blog for the other dream figure that I have and share it with you guys but I think it is late now and I have a lot of things to do and I hope that more people will come and visit my blog so help me pass my blog url around so people can actually visit it. See you guys tomorrow.

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