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Mid Year Examination: Day 1

Hi guys, today I got nothing special to talk about and for the following post till the second week of may will be quite the same. Well, just some updates on my life and like I said yesterday, I am having my examination now and today was my English paper. Today paper was quite difficult for the paper 2 as I don’t understand parts of the passage and the question were quite hard too. The paper 1 was quite okay though as it is much more easier to understand. Tomorrow is my Mother Tongue paper and I hope that it will not be too difficult and I hope to pass it. So, just wait for tomorrow for my updates.


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Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater

Hi guys, I thought I might need to do some update for anime games as I have not been doing it and well, I came across some news that I might want to share it with you guys. If you got a PS3 game console at home, you might want to listen to this, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater will be release for PS3 and after I came across this, I really want to get it as imagine that you are playing this game and it is in high definition (HD) unlike PSP. This game was 1st release on PSP and it is tittled Hatsune Miku Project Diva and if you not know, Project Diva second is going to be release on this year’s July and I can’t wait for it to come as I have already make reservations for it.

This game is actually a music game like DJmax but it is not totally the same as this game make use of almost all of the buttons. Well, your timing also have to be accurate as you will miss easily if you don’t get the timing right. The game have nice songs in it and you can also change the costume of Hatsune Miku to perform and this is why I like the game. The old one actually uses only the four buttons on the right side but the new one uses all of the buttons and they introduce drag buttons too.

Well, I can’t excatly rate the game now as I have not strated playing it but I think that it will be a great game and also I look forward to the PSP ver. Well, that is all for my small update for today and tomorrow is my examinations so all the best to me. Bye…

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Alter’s Mio

Hi guys, today I will just do a figurine update as I got no time to build my Gundam. This figure from the side as you can see is Mio from the K-on! series and it is produced by Alter company. Alter’s first Mio figure was actually the school uniform ver. and I have not purchase it as I got no space at home otherwise, I would already bought it. The school uniform ver. is great as the figure look real just like any other Alter’s figure and it is also the one of the company that I supported. Well this is the second Mio that they have produced and it is the School Festival ver. where you can see her wearing this costume during the performance. I really like this costume as it brings out the beauty of Mio and the colour is so well fitting and also very detailed.

Even the back of the hair looks detaile enough and I got no complains about her but I don’t know how the actual figure might be like as this is just the picture only. The skirt is also nice as they have mixed the colours, black and white together and it is a good combination. The outside piece is black and the inside piece is white. The socks and shoe is normal to me as it has nothing special as it is painted black to match her costume. I also like the bass guitar as it is well detailed and they include strings on the bass and it looks like the real one.

Well, a more close up look and you can see her cute face clearly and make me want to buy her home. I didn’t make reservation for her as I got not enough money to do so after I reserve Amae Koromo but I will purchase it when she is release around the month of August. What I really want to reserve is the Max Factory’s Mio School Festival var. as she is much more cuter than any other Mio that have been release up till now but she is still not open for reservations yet but if she were to be announce, I will immediately reserve it.

Well this is the end of my post for today and I will try to update more news to you guys and I wonder if you guys are interested in anime trading card games as I have bought two boxes of To Aru Majutsu no Index/Kagaku no Railgun booster boxes and I wondered whether or not to post it in my blog. So just wait for tomorrow to see what I am going to post. Bye…

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Progress: Head Unit

Hi guys, I have just finish building the head unit of Red Frame and I will just update with you guys. After building this head unit, I find it really style and it is unlike Blue Frame as I find the details much more better. While I was doing the face, I forgot to put on the sticker which is supposed to be put on but luckily I am still able to remove the parts and put in the sticker as you know, some of the parts if you put them together, it is almost impossible for you to take out anymore. This is why building Gundam cannot be treated as a game for kids as it takes patience and time for you to focus in building the Gundam.

Well, the head is perfect though but it really took up my time to actually do up the lining for the head and I used both the Gundam marker and the Gundam mechanical pencil. You may not know why I used the pencil as because you know, some of the areas are very small and the marker is too thick for that so I will need to use the pencil to do the lining. Don’t worry though, it is 0.3mm only, very easily broken so I will need to handle with care. After building the head, I saw on Hobby Search that they are going to release Gundam Wing Master Grade this month and it is actually the remake ver. of it, I think. Well, this is all for my today’s post and see you guys tomorrow for more updates. Bye.

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Progress: Body Unit

Hi guys, I can finally update with you guys on my progress of my building of Red Frame and it really took me a long time as I don’t have the time to build it as I need to handle work and school at the same time but not anymore and that’s why I can continue to build it. Well, in the begining, it was really hard to build as I have to handle small parts and it was quite hard for me to put them together but after awhile, I got used to it and I just continue. The body looks really nice and a bit different from the Blue Frame and I also spent time to do the linings for the body unit as I want the gundam to look nice, not like the normal one where it is plain in colour like no life in it.

Well, I don’t know much about Gundams as in their history whereby they already have their 1st series in the 1900s but I still find them very cool and got interested in it. So far I got no complains while building except for my hand pain which I blame myself but everything else looks great. So just stay tune for the next progress and I hope to finish building the whole Gundam as soon as possible. Bye…

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Amae Koromo

Hi guys, today I will be doing a short review for this new figure that has yet to come and it is also one of my favourite character from the series, Saki. For your information, if you have not watched the show, it is actually about High School Girls playing mahjong and competing against other schools. I like this show when it was 1st released and I have watched it multiple times and still not get bored of it. The figure that I will be reviewing is actually a mahjong pro despite her age and her name is Amae Koromo. At the beginning of the show, I thought that she might be a serious girl when they have not showed her face to us yet but after her debut, I was really shocked as she is so cute and I fell in love with her. You may thought that why do I fell in love with so many characters but it is actually because of their own special characteristics.

I like this figure a lot when I 1st saw it at Hobby Search as the colour schemes and the details is all very nice and I really like this type of costume and it makes the character more cuter and pretty. She also have a pocket watch hanging around her skirt and I really like the way she wears her rabbit ears. You may think that it is childish but to me, it is not as it shows us the characteristic of the character and in the show, she walks around everywhere with her rabbit ears and it makes her looked so cute. The colour used for this figure is also perfect as I don’t think there is any other colour then pink that suits her dress and the white top definitely is the best to mix with the pink dress.

Even the back of her also looks so spectacular and the hair is nicely done and not squeeze together in a straight manner as it will destroy the looks of the figure itself. If I am not wrong, she have a big ribbon at the back of her but I am not very sure whether is it a ribbon or not. The stockings also look cute as it have frills at the top and if it was just a plain stockings, it will not look as nice as it is now. Well, this figure is scheduled to be release on the month of August and it is four months away and to me, even though time fly really fast but waiting for a figure to come really makes you wait really long. Without a second thought, I already make a reservation for one of it and really, I am trying my very best to maintain my hobby and support it by working, but these few days, I am afraid that I will not have any work and I wonder whether can I survive or not.

Well, I have come to the end of the post for today and I hope I will have something to share tomorrow as I will be visiting some figurine shops and I hope that I will be able to get some nice figures so that I can do a review on them but most probably, I will not purchase anything as I need to save up money in case that there will be more upcoming figure that will be open for reservations. So stay tune and bye.

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Nendoroid: Fate Testarossa The Movie 1st Ver.

Hi guys, thanks for the 500th views up till now, even though it is not much but it still contribute a lot. Today, I will be doing a review on one of my loot from yesterday which is Nendoroid Fate Testarossa The Movie 1st Ver. as seen from the picture. From what I know, I heard from the local shops that this Nendoroid is very hard to get from Japan and they only got this from a local distributor but anyway, when I first saw the Nendoroid when I enter the shop, I straight away bought it without a second doubt as it can cause me to regret if I were to not able to get it. I also saw this Nendoroid at other shops and they have different prices and it really made me feel so relieved as this is the cheapest one that I can get anywhere and outside, they are prices ranging $60-$90 which I got it for $58.

The back of the box as usual, shows a variety of poses that you can put into with Fate. Not forgetting, this is also the 99th Nendoroid which Good Smile Company have produced and the speed that they are releasing is really fast and by the end of this year, there should be more than 110 Nendoroids and out of the 100 over Nendoroids, I only have 8 of them but they all look cute to me. One thing saddening though, they actually have a sticker that is paste behind the box and they took it out but not very nicely though as it leaves white mark there and it is really hard for me to remove them. For your information, I kept all my boxes as they are equally important as who knows, you might need it one day.

Well, after I took out Fate from the box, it really makes me so happy to see such a cute Nendoroid that I have bought without having to think and I fall in love with Nendoroid Fate after the 1st look at her. Although the picture doesn’t show so clearly of her face, the real one still looks more attractive than the pictured one as you can’t really feel from the picture. So far, I totally have no complains about the Nendoroid or anything as it really kept my mouth shut. It also took a long time for me to actually sort out the hands and to put her into this pose. If you have noticed, Arf is in her wolf form and it look more cuter then the one in the show and they way they detailed it is really very good.

Look at the closed up view of her and you can see the cute face more clearer and also if you not know, the ribbon and hair can be articulated seperately and this is what makes it so unique for me. As you can see from the picture, the skirt piece is different from the normal ones as there is one part of it overlapped by the belt but it is still not enough to ruin her image. The face can also be change as they have include two exchangable face piece in it and including the one she already have, it make a total of three face and I really like the face where she closed her eyes, but I don’t have the picture though.

The side view is also great and you can even see her cape more clearer and so is Bardiche. If you not know, Bardiche is actually Fate’s intellegent device and as you can see, the scythe form is different from the ones in the past and from the StrikerS series. If you take a more careful look at her Bardiche, the scythe blade is actually transparent and I really like it as it is even more better than the transclucent ones from the other two figmas that I have. I feel that you guys may have complains about the pictures that I have taken but I agree though, it is so unclear and everytime I post, when I see my own blog, it is also saddening as all the pictures is quite blur and so much for my cybershot phone which can’t take a better pictures. I will try to improve on that so no worries.


 The picture that is taken from the right side of mine is not bad though and there you can see Arf but no so clear as you can’t see her front feet and her face properly. After so many pictures that I have taken, you can straight away see that my room is actually very messy as you can see other figures in the same picture. This proves that my room have no space for too many figure but it seems that I can’t stop buying though, and I can’t really spent too much though as I will need to save up money for events and also for my next year’s Japan trip. Trying to do all my best for saving and also at the same time to be able to get figurines that I want.

And there it is, a clear picture of Arf but not so clear though. The minature from of Arf in her wolf form is so cute and anyone will also agree with me if they have bought the Nendoroid. Compared the wolf form to the puppy form, I will much more preferred the puppy form as it is much more cuter to me though.

This picture in the right was taken randomly as I was thinking whether or not to put all my Fate figures together and just take a picture of them which I did as I have nothing better to do. But when I put them together, it looks so spectacular to me and it is like seeing the whole family of figures but saddening enough, I didn’t managed to get her scaled figures like the True Sonic Form which I wanted it badly. This teaches me that whenever you see something that you want, make reservations for it and you will be sure that you can get it.

Well, I have come to the end of my post for today and currently trying to find topics to talk about tomorrow and I will try to make it interesting for you guys. Please also to continue to visit my blog and a lot of changes have been made and also I have made my own banner with some net reference but I think I will start to put up my name too. (Not real one though…) So just stay tune for tomorrow and bye.

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