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1/8 scale Kirisame Marisa

Hi guys, today I will be doing another figurine review and I think some of you guys will know who she is. If you know Touhou, you will know that she is Reimu’s friend, Kirisame Marisa. This figure is also mabe by the same company like Reimu and she is also one of my favourite character from Touhou. If some of you guys know, Griffon Enterprises have come out with two Marisa, the exact same post but in a different colour, one red and one original. I saw the red one in shop but no one bought it and I think that it’s because that it is not the original colour so they don’t want to get it. For your information, the red colour one is expensive as they took the product from wonderfest. This figure also cost the same as Reimu and to me, it is very worthy if you are a fan yourself too.

A close up look at her face you will see her cute smile and well, this figure is very well detailed in every way. Like I have also said yesterday, I would prefer a softer pvc for her skirt as it will look great to me. After opening up this figure, I found out that, Reimu and Marisa both wear the same type of shoe and socks but the shoe is in a different colour. After getting Reimu and Marisa, I felt like collecting all of their Touhou figures as the other will also look great and also, I can’t wait for Remilia to be release because she is another one of my favourite character from Touhou.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and stay tune again tomorrow for another figurine review, bye.


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1/8 scale Hakurei Reimu

Hi guys, today will be an interesting review that I have not done for a very long time. What you can see on the picture is one of my favourite characters of all times and she is none other than Hakurei Reimu from the Touhou. This figure is something that I thought that I will never get my hands on as it is very hard to get it when you are in Singapore and Touhou products are very hot selling products that will be sold out in no time when they are release to the markets in Singapore. Well, I managed to get my hands on this figure for $150 and to me, as a collector, this is very worthy as you may not see it the second time when you go out to the market.

Well, here we have, the figure itself on the right hand side and good thing that the Griffon Enterprises never disapoint me in their products. Last time when they did not have any Touhou products, I thought that their company is not very well known but after they started to make productions of Touhou products, it is really great and the figure is very well done if you have bought one for yourself. This figure was already released during the last month and it is quite lucky that I am still able to get it at late May. The colour details is very well done too and they used semi-hard pvc to make the sleeves and the skirt piece which actually I think that soft pvc will be better for skirt piece. Well, can’t complain much as I am not the sculpter.

Well, a close up look at her face though the picture is not very clear. I wonder why everytime when I take a close up shot, the picture will be very blur. You can see clearly her cute face and wow, luckily I bought this figure or else I may regret not buying it. This figure is excellent in every way, the front, back and the sides are nicely done.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and I will be doing another figure review tomorrow and don’t forget to stay tune for it, bye.

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1/7 Scale Shamal

Hi guys, finally I am able to do my figurine review of my loot from last week. Today, I will be introducing to you Shamal, one of the knights of Hayate and together with her is Zafira. This figure is from Alter and also the latest figurine of Nanoha that have been released. I like this figure a lot as it is very well detailed and the colour is very bright and attractive. After looking at this figure, I found out that the character isn’t bad at all as last time I find her quite extra but now, I take back my words. This figure is excelent in its quality and the way she balance on the base is really sturdy as the figure is actually quite heavy.

A close up look at her you will see her beautiful face but the picture is not so clear though. The book of darkness is actually suspended in the air with a plastic stick attaching to her sleves. I like the pvc that is being used to make this figure as it makes the figure really smooth to touch and most of the figure is made of pvc except for some which uses clay. To the more eroge part that I want to say is her panties, her panties is also actually detailed unlike some of the figures which actually have the same white panties but for Shamal is different as her is in pink and the rest I don’t know how to explain to you in detail and if you are interested to know, buy the figure for yourself.

Here is Zafira and also in its wolf form and I wonder whether will they come out figma of Zafira or not as he is missing from the knights of Hayate collection. This wolf is also actally well detailed and the colour is also used perfectly. He also have a head articulation of around 180 degrees around the head and to be honest, it is not much of a help in putting him in nice pose as the legs are all fixed.

Lastly to the book of darkness, what I can say is excelent as the book is very nicely detailed and even though the book is in a fixed design with no articulation, the two pages of the book is nicely done as they have printed out the words of the book in detailed and you can actually see the words clearly.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and I will be thinking about what to actually post for tomorrow and I will also be getting more figures tomorrow if I can get it as it is a limited product but I will try my best to reach there earlier to purchase them. So see you guys tomorrow for more, bye.

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What happen?

Hi guys, sorry for unable to update my blog yesterday due to some reasons that I have. I was actually thinking on updating on only anime stuffs next time so there will not be everyday post like last time but I am not sure on whether to do things like this or not. Well, I got plenty of time to think about it so no worries at all. I also got nothing to actually share for today except for the Kamen Rider Decade X Double movie which I just watched today. It was a really great movie as I can say and I wonder if they are coming out in Blue Ray disc or not. Now I have nothing to do but to wait for tomorrow as my glass cabinet will be arriving to my room soon and I will be very busy packing up my room tomorrow so I wonder if I have the time to actually post but no matter how much time I have, I will still post. The worries that I have is actually on my manga collection, as many of you guys know, I also collect manga for some of the series and also still continuing on the collection so I am afraid that there may be not enough space for my manga and this will be a problem that I will have to solve when the time comes.

Well, this is all for my post for today. Stay tune tomorrow for my latest post of my new glass cabinet. Bye.

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More Touhou

Hi guys, going to do another figurine update before tomorrow when I buy my glass cabinet for my figurines. Well, like I have said, I may be doing some Touhou figure reviews and today, I will be introducing someone who is close to Remilia Scarlet and she is non other than Sakuya Izayoi. Well, just a short introduction of her, Sakuya is the Chief Maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She works for her mistress, Remilia Scarlet, and is apparently the only human working at or living within the mansion. She has the power to stop time. She is known to then place knives in midair and resume time to allow these knives to fly towards her targets. Stopping time is also a handy way of doing large amounts of maid work in a short time. Because nearly everyone living or working at the mansion are maids, being the chief of them all means there are few people there with more authority within the mansion than Sakuya. This is all for a short introduction of her.

This figure is quite nice as they have use a clock like base for her to stand on and it will look really like she have the ability to control time. Although she only have knifes as weapons, she is beautiful enough with her costumes. Well, everything is well detailed and the colour scheme is also nice and it looks like a real maid.

A close up look at her face you will see her beautiful smile on her and I really love the colour match of her style of hair and the colour of it. This figure is actually scheduled to be release on the month of August and almost the same time as Remilia and really, I can’t wait for  her to come. Before this was release, there was actually a same figure that have already released but, it is a different colour in blue of her maid outfit and I don’t find it that attractive enough.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and I can’t wait for tomorrow if nothing obstructs me in getting my glass cabinet. So stay tune tomorrow for my updates, bye.

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Not feeling very well…

Hi guys, sorry for unable to update my blog yesterday due to the time constraint that I have and recently I am not feeling very well. Now, I am having difficultly in talking normally because I am haveing sore throat and I am on the verge on losing my voice. Well, nothing specail happen today as I have my school’s sports day and it was like the most boring day of my life as I have to give up my friday to the school. I can’t even go and visit some of the anime shops that I wanted to visit today and I have to change it to a movie trip. I watched Shriek Forever After and the show was quite interesting as I have watch the older series also and hoe can I miss out this part.

Well, the rest of the day was just boring and I didn’t know what to do. I will just end my post for today as for now and sorry for unable to do any figurine updates and I will try to update my blog properly tomorrow. Bye.

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Alter’s Sasasegawa Sasami

Hi guys, today I am going to do figurine updates again like I have said. Well, today I will be introducing to you one of the new figures that have yet to be release and it is not very soon that you will see her. From the picture, for some people who don’t know, she is Sasasegawa Sasami from the visual novel, Little Busters! Well, I thought of updating this figure to you guys as this is worth collecting as she is so cute and beautiful. Well, how can a Bi-shoujo figure be ugly and it is from Alter company which is one of my favourite company that I will purchase my figure from. Not many people may know her as it is originated from visual novel so don’t tell me you saw her at some random animes which my friend would always tell me. This figure like any other figure that Alter will produced is really good as the colour detail is really well done and everything is nicely detailed. Well, one think I am curious about is whether Alter is going to produce all of the characters or not as to me, if they were to produce all, I will need to start collecting from now.

The picture at the right hand side is Kudravka Noumi and also actually the first Little Busters! figure that they have produced if I am not wrong and I have not purchase it yet and I am still thinking on whether or not to buy her even though I really want to get her. But, as the web say, they are going to have a re-release on the month of September so I have no worries about it as I can still safely get her during the month of September. As for Sasami, she will be release together with Noumi if I am correct as they are release on the same month but I don’t know whether is the same date or not.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and stay tune again tomorrow for more figurine updates. Bye.

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