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My Birthday

Hi everyone, I will just be doing a short post for today since it is my birthday today. Well, since I got no one to celebrate with for this year again, I will be celebrating it on my own and this is the first time that I bought myself a cake and celebrate. I actually thought of putting out my figmas but thinking twice, I better not as I don’t want to change their poses and there are too many of them so I have decided to use the K-On! voice doll to have them celebrate with me. I really wonder how other Otaku in this world celebrated their birthday and so far as I can seen, they celebrated it with their figures and well quite unique in a way but it also means lonely in another way.

Well, kind of unable to finish the cake but oh well, I will have them as tomorrow’s breakfast. Got myself some birthday gifts and those disc that came yesterday came in just at the right time as I don’t want to waste my time and collect them today leaving a little time for me to do my hobbies. Tomorrow is also a ‘holiday’ and I can stay up late tonight but I have to wake up early in the morning as tomorrow is E-learning day and homework will be given through the internet. This day came in at a right time as I can rest up for today and recently, I have been lacking of sleep and my panda eyes is returning and hope to clear them up as soon as possible.

Coming to the end of my post for today and remember to stay tune again for more of my update though today’s post wasn’t necessary though. Bye.


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New collections

Hi everyone, today I will be doing a new type of review which I will not do frequently as the cost is too much. Well, apparently I have started a new type of collection which is Anime Music CD collection and I have ordered quite a few and they have just arrived today. (Actually it was yesterday but I don’t have the time to collect them.) Well, I collected them before the special day of mine and you can considered it as a present that I bought for myself. Well, maybe you can see clearly the contents inside the bubble wrap, they are the Angel Beats! song disc which I have ordered. If you wonder why I didn’t download the songs but instead, I bought it. Actually, I also have downloaded them and I find the songs very nice and so I decided to buy the disc. The other reason is that you remember that I once said that I want to collect all Angel Beats! product which they will release and I am currently hunting for their COSPA shirts which they have sold out on the net and currently waiting for them to sell it in Singapore.

Well, I have bought a total of 4 disc and the 1st disc is Crow Song which contains 3 tracks that is sang by Iwasawa in the show and this album have very nice songs and my favourite song of the album is Alchemy and Crow Song. From the album, you can see that the face of Iwasawa is printed on the cover  and though the design is quite plain, it is actually very nicely done in another way. Well, the disc box is unique to me as I have never seen anything like this before but you can’t see it from the picture though. It is a very thin case and the disc can be seen from the back of the cover and there is no paper cover on the back of the disc to cover it.

The second disc I have bought is the second album of Girls Dead Monster, Thousand Enemies. This album’s songs are sang by Yui as Iwasawa is no longer in the show after episode 3 as she have left the afterlife world. Yui took over her position as the lead singer of the band and sang quite a few songs. My favourite song in this album is Thousand Enemies as it is very rock and the song is sang very well. The other two songs were quite okay but I mostly listen to Thousand Enemies. The disc have very nice designs on it as a full bod except for legs of Yui is printed in it and she is so cute on the actual album itself. I have put the album art before in my iTouch and the picture is taken from the net and she look quite fat on the screen displayed, maybe is because of the dimension.

The third disc I have bought is the third album of Girls Dead Monster, Little Braver. This album is again, sang by Yui and I have not noticed that she sang Little Braver during the series, maybe I did not open my ears wide enough. But she have sang the other two songs during the show alright, Shine Days and Answer Song. Well, this album is not half bad as the songs are quite nice and my favourite song is Shine Days. The disc also have nice designs on them as the top half body of Yui playing the guitar with enthusiasm is printed on the disc and it looks really beautiful. Well, not much to really talk about the disc so you have to buy it yourself to experience it.

The last disc I have bought is the last album of Girls Dead Monster, Keep The Beats! This album is a compilation of some of the songs from the other three album and there are also some new songs that have been included inside though they are not new. This album contains 13 tracks and there are a lot of nice songs in it so it is definitely worth buying and it also cost much more than the other disc. Well, my favourite songs are also inside this album and they are the same as the previous ones and also the Gldemo ver. of My Soul Your Beats! is also one of my favourite. If you like some peace songs, theres also Ichiban no Takaramono inside which is sang during the episode where Yui departed from the Afterlife world and it was the ending for that episode. Well, the disc design is not very unique as it only show the hands of the band member as the cover and there is nothing else except for the back cover.

Well, reaching to the end for my reviews for today, what I can say is that my collection is improving and now I even start to collect CD tracks and I really want to continue my collection and so stay tune tomorrow for my next post. Bye.

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Angel Beats! Nedoroid Puchi Set: 2

Hi everyone, today I will be doing a figurine review on the latest nendoroid that will be release this year’s end. Well, I actually wanted to post this yesterday but I am not feeling very well and I was too tired to use the computer for too long, so I slept early without posting. So here we have it, the post that I should have done yesterday. Well, I am going to review about the new set of nendoroid puchi and from the picture you can see, if you are familiar with, Angel Beats! This second set of the Angel Beats! nendoroid puchi is really the set that I am looking forward to as they have included Tenshi inside the set. (Well, set one will be better as I can get her more earlier…) I was also wondering why are they releasing so many of the puchi sets and you know, they come with more than one set and they really kind of slowed down the production of the normal nendoroids. Well, at least it is better than nothing.

Well, firstly we have Otonashi Yuzuru at the side and I really can’t talk much about him as you know, I hardly really take an interest in male characters but he is a bit funny in the series though. Even though they have exchangable parts for him to make him look different but the only thing that is different is that his left hand is in his pocket which is something that I am not amaze about. What’s more, I think that he will not be the only male character that will be in the Angel Beats! nendoroid puchi set as there are still a lot of the other male character inside the series too. Unless they only focus on the main characeter like the Bakemonogatari nendoroid set which only have Araragi, the only male in the whole set.

Next, we have Kanade, my most favourite character from the series and will love her always. Well, after having the magazine exclusive nendoroid puchi Kanade, I wanted to have more of Kanade’s products like buying all of the figurines of her that is being released by different companies but till now, there is totally no news of Angel Beats! characters being release in a scale figure. Back to Kanade, I can say that she is beautifully made as you can see from the picture and she have a very beautiful face and the way she pose makes her look even more attractive. Well, like all other characters, she also comes with exchangable parts and she actually comes with parts that are able to let you pose her in using Guard Skill: Hand Sonic. It is really good that they have included these in her set and not forgetting that she also have exchangable face that you can use which hardly you can see nendoroid puchi have these things included in it.

To the last character in the set, Yui from the Girl Dead Monster. Well, she is my second favourite character from the series and she is really cute in a way. Well, not much to review about her as I can’t really talk much on a blog review. This figure is good in a sense that she have a guitar included in it to let you pose her in a different way and if the rest of the band members were to be release, you can actually put them together and make a variety of scene from them. Hope there are no flaws in the actual products when they are release on the November of this year.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and hope to do a new post soon. Bye

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Magazine Exclusive

Hi everyone, today I will be doing a short review on a particular magazine that I have receive today and if you can see from the side, this magazine is actually the August issue of G’s magazine. Well, I am not going to do any reviews on the book as I normally don’t buy this magazine unless their inclusive item is very attractive but overall, what I can tell you is that the magazine is mostly about Visual Novel, so if you are underage, please don’t buy the magazine. (Well, just kidding you guys as I know you guys are anime fans and sometimes you really want the inclusive.) This magazine is selling out quite fast as you know, this issue of the magazine actually has Kanade which is Tenshi’s nendoroid puchi included and you know, there are lots of people out there who are actually a fan of Kanade and there are a lot of people going crazy about her.

Well, here we have it, puchi Kanade, isn’t she cute? Just to let you know, I am also one of the people who is crazy about her and because I like her a lot, I tried to buy most of her stuffs but in the end, I end up buying most of the Angel Beats! products. This puchi is cute in a lot of ways and you will know immediately when you look at her innocent face that she have and I liked the hair colour as it really matches her. Well, after I got Kanade, my Yuri will not be lonely anymore and right now, I am waiting for the nendoroid puchi set for Angel Beats! to release as I already have ordered it in case it got sold out or anything that can happen.

This is all for my short reviews for today and I hope to post again soon as it will be a figurine news update that I will be doing next so check back soon. Bye.

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Nendoroid Azusa

Hi everyone, my deepest apologies for not able to do my reviews yesterday due to some reasons that I have. I was out at Causeway Point to get my Samsung Galaxys exchanged for a new one as there are actually some problem with the one that I got it at 1st and now everything is settled with a new one. (Finally can do facebook at a proper manner.) Well, today I will do a figure review which I should have done yesterday and from the picture, you can see nendoroid Azusa and she is the last member of the K-On bu which I have just got it and well, finally I have the complete set which I have been waiting so long ever since I got nendoroid Tsumugi. Let me tell you, this nendoroid is one of my favourite nendoroid collection which I have ever come across. She have some interesting accessories which come with her and well, these accessories really makes her Azu-nyan.

Well, on the right, you can see Azusa very clearly and look how cute she is as a nendoroid. This nendoroid is very popular in Singapore as I can say as she got sold out in just a few days when she arrived in Singapore. She comes with a cat which you can see in the picture and the cat is really cute and what’s more, she also have a neko-mimi (Cat ears) which I didn’t put on her due to the way I want to display the whole K-On bu. Well, the rest of the accessories that is included are all the common ones like the exchangable face and a few pair of hands. She really does make a difference in my collection and I also can finally fill up the space which I already have saved for her. You can say that this figure is very cute in a lot of ways but there may be other people who think different wise.

Thought I should take a picture of them together and so I did. Look at the magnificent collection of my K-On! nendoroid and what I can say is that this is the second best collection that I have so far as you know, I am an all time fans of the Nanoha series. Maybe one of these days, I should take a picture of them together and post it in my blog and share. If you really like K-On!, you should buy the nendoroid instead of the scale figures if you really are unable to purchase them. Well, I am still deciding on whether or not to collect the scale figure as I find it a waste to only have Yui and Azusa (…still waiting for Azusa to arrive…) and they also have announce Tsumugi and I have not bought Mio. Ritsu is the only member left that have not been announce yet and still waiting for the news to come.

Well, if I collect all of the figures in set, it will surely overtake my Nanoha in my favourite ranking as Nanoha series doesn’t really release nendoroids for collection except for their movie version Fate and Nanoha. Currently still deciding on whether or not to purchase scale figure Yagami Hayate by Alter which cost $200 which I know is the only set that I can find and hope it doesn’t get sold out anytime soon till I make my decision.

This is all for my reviews and some short updates for today. Remember to come back frequently for more updates that have yet to come. Bye

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Nendoroid Feena

Hi everyone, finally I can do some anime figurines review which I have not been doing a good one like the Bakemonogatari nendoroid petite set. Well, today I will be doing a review on a nendoroid which many of you guys may not know who is she actually if you do not play the Visual Novel or heard about it. To start off, take a look at the picture at the side which I have taken and I am really happy that I finally can post pictures of better quality into my blog and I hope that it would bring more visiters into my blog. She is from the Visual Novel named Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na which if I remember correctly, they should have two Visual Novel of different stories. I came across this in the net at first and I got interested in it as they said that she is an exclusive nendoroid and you know how much I like exclusive items and so, I decided to purchase it and it just arrived yesterday but I got it today.

This is a very cute nendoroid as I can say though she don’t come with much accessories but she still looks beautiful. The colour scheme is also very well detailed as I totally can’t see any smurge of paint which if there is, it can’t be called an exclusive. Well, what I can say is that this figure is definitely worth to buy if you can still find it as everything about her is good and perfect and I also liked her face, the way she blushes is so cute. (Well, I can’t deny that I like cute stuffs.) Her base is also kind of special due to her skirt but the rest is still considered normal and well, I definitely did not regret buying it though it is a bit hard on my cash but I will work more harder to support my hobby which I believe that most of the people will do so.

Well, coming to the end of the review and it is kind of short but well, there really isn’t much things you can talk about when you are doing reviews in blog unlike video reviews. I will not be able to post for a few days but I think my next review should be up on the Sunday which you have to look forward to and I am really excited about it but still I can’t open it till the day when I so up my reviews. So, see you again on Sunday soon.

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Finally can upgrade myself…

Hi everyone, it is been awhile since I last posted and today, I will be telling you on something that I have upgraded to make my blog a even more better place to read my post. Well, recently around 2 days ago, I had a new phone which I didn’t guess that it will be a Samsung GalaxyS and it kind of surprised me and saddened me as I was waiting so patiently for the new iPhone4 which is going to be released soon. Well, why did I say that the phone can help me a lot, it is because that I finally take pictures with a better quality and it is an almost HD picture which I am very about as I can stop myself from getting angry from the lousy pictures that I have taken. Well, I got nothing to talk about animes for today and I am watching all of the new series now and handling school work at the same time so kind of hard for me to actually find some time off and post something in my blog.

(10 minutes later…) Oh man, I can’t upload my picture as my shockwave just crashed so I am unable to share the picture with you guys. I will fix the problem so that I can show you how much my photos have improved. That is all for my blog today, see you again next time.

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