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Figma: Black * Rock Shooter

Hi everyone, today I will be doing a figma review which I have gotten just recently. Well, as you can see from the picture, I will be doing a review on figma Black * Rock Shooter and this is actually a SP figma which I don’t really know why as there are lots of them in the shop or maybe it is because of the DVD that is included inside. About the DVD, it is very common everywhere as it is being given out as an inclusive and there are lots of design for the DVD. I currently have three of them as one is from the figma, the other one is in a magazine and the last one is in the nendoroid which I will go into the reviews next time.

Here we have it, the figma along with the DVD. Well, the box is actually designed in a different way and I am not very sure how should I explain it as video is a much more better way to show it to you guys. It is designed in a way that when you are opening the box, you will not get any dent on the box easily. In the picture, the item on the left is the DVD and well, quite nice that they have pack it nicely as those in the magazines doesn’t have any proper place to keep it in after you take them out.

Here is figma Black * Rock Shooter as you can see from the picture and look at how the figma is done nicely. I like this figma a lot as the material for the clothing is a bit different from the other figmas as it give out a glossy look and the feel it a bit different from all the other figmas. Well, I liked this figma in a lot of ways except for the way that they have design her clothings, the cloak is on a different joint and it makes it look weird when trying to pose her in some ways. But as I can say, everything looks really great.

Another great thing about this figma is the weapons that she have. She have two weapons, one is the rock cannon that you can see from the picture itself and the other one is the black blade which I have not used it as I find the rock cannon much more cooler to pose with. The details of the rock cannon was done greatly and it have been design in a way that the rock cannon looks worn out from a battle as you can see the little scratches and dents on the cannon. Well, because the rock cannon is quite heavy for the figma to carry it in a proper manner, they have included another figma stand specially for the rock cannon to be hold onto.

Overview about the figma, this figma is one of the nicest SP figma that they have ever released. Why I only compare them to SP figmas, is because that the best figma that I have collected is my Nanoha set which is also one of the most nicest collection of figmas that I have as I have almost all of the sets which I am short of Signum. Well, I can’t do anything about it though. If you have doubt on whether to get this figma or not, my advice is to get it as it is a SP figma which means that after they sold out, it will be hard for you to get it anymore. Well, this is all for my reviews for today, see you again in my next review coming real soon, bye.


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Hi everyone, feeling very tired today but I still have to do this important post for today. Well, as you guys may know, today there is an event held at Sculpture Square which is near Sunshine Plaza and I have attended the event. Well, the main reason why I feel so tired after the event is that I have started queuing for the event the night before at 10pm and I did not catch any proper sleep at all and I only doze off for half an hour. Well, if you ask me why did I do this, it is because that during this event, KKNM will be selling some Japan exclusive item which they only brought in very little in amount and well, to get it, I have to queue earlier. Anyway, I was the 23rd person that was there and sadly during the event, I couldn’t get most of the stuffs that I wanted badly and well, that means that next time, I will have to queue even more earlier. This is actually a one day event which from my look, I see that there is not much people attending the event and this is just a small scale event which they have host to sell some products there and also there is some Doujinshi booths which you can also check it out over there. Two building is actually used for the event as one building is for the Weis Schwarz card tournament which is held on the event and also to sell their products.

Well, didn’t took any pictures from the night so I only took them during the morning. Well you can see the small crowd that are ready for the event and though there are not much people there, we have to wait for our turn to enter as they need to do crowd control for the selling of their products. When I was inside, I was like wow, even though there are not many people, but the event was still great as it was very interesting.

Well, these are a few of the Doujin booths and some of them are very familiar as I have seen them selling the same art from Cosfest IX. Kind of interesting though but I couldn’t buy them as I don’t have enough money on that day as I still need to collect my figurines after the event.

There is also a Touhou competition going on and it is a kind of fighting game which I am also playing sometimes at home and well, there are a lot of pros there.

Well, these are some of the dolls that were on exhibition which I find them really nice and attractive and it really makes me want to buy them.

Well, coming to the end for today’s post, remember to queue up earlier for these type of event as you may not know what will happen. See you in the next review, bye.

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Nanoha A’s Supply Set

Hi everyone, sorry for unable to post a few days ago. Well, I actually wanted to post this a few days back after my first supply set review but well, I will just do it today. As you can see from the picture, this is the second supply set that I have gotten and it is the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Supply Set. Well, this is actually much more expensive than the Angel Beats! set but I got it anyway as I am a fan of Nanoha as everyone knows. Well, this box have a very nice design provided that Nanoha doesn’t look like her which I wonder why but anyway, it is just a bit of art change as Weis Schwarz have just released the boosters for the Nanoha A’s and I got totally no chance to buy it. Just like all the other supply set, the outer box is actually a sleeve cardboard so you will have to slide out the contents inside.

Well, there is the product you can see from the picture on the right and just wonder why my photography skills is so lousy as you can see that the picture that I have taken looks like it is so foggy. Well as long as the pictures can be seen clearly, I don’t really mind. Let me start from the deck box that is inside, they have include two deck box which one have the Yagami family printed on it and the other one as you can guess is Nanoha and Fate. Just like any other supply set, they also include a small card album and a play mat for you to use. This supply set doesn’t upset me as they have include three card sleeves with Nanoha, Fate and Hayate individually printed on it and well, I don’t that they are selling it separately though. The last item that is included in the set will the the card separator and for your information, it comes with 8 pieces which I find it really cool as they have the characters picture printed on it and the picture is very beautifully drawn.

Well, this is definitely the set that you have to buy if you are a fan of Nanoha yourself and also if you are playing the card game. I myself also uses Nanoha deck and I have been using it ever since I bought it. Coming to the end of the reviews, remember to stay tuned as I will be posting on new stuffs soon enough, bye.

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Angel Beats! Supply Set

Hi everyone, get to post new stuffs again for today as I have just collected them. Well, today I will be doing review on Bushiroad’s product which have just been released recently and also one of my favourite product as Kanade is in it. That’s right, this is the supply set for the series Angel Beats!. You may wonder what this supply set is and let me tell you, this is a box that contains a lot of surprises for you. Well, luckily I ordered this supply set a few months back which is why I am able to get it so easily, as you know, this is one of the supply that is very hard to get if you buy it locally and Angel Beats! is one of the very popular series which people want to get. With Kanade’s face printed on it already make the box look very attractive and well, the picture you can see in the picture is actually a box sleeve which you have to slide it out to opening the box inside.

Well, lets take a look inside the box see what it contain in it. Well, the box have very attractive colour pink which is also my favourite colour and well, if you have it, you may not want to damaged the box as it really cost a lot but not as much as the other one that i have bought and I will review it tomorrow. The box contains a small card album which can contain 4 cards per page and well, I will not be using it as i have card binder which I have exchanged using silver bags. They also have a play mat inside which is made out of cloth and you may want to use it if you do not want to dirty your cards but instead, you dirty the cloth. Next, we have the deck separator which have 3 pieces inside with the characters, Yuri, Kanade and yui printed on it. Coming along is a deck box which have Kanade printed on it. Lastly, is the Kanade’s card sleeve which a lot of people may want and I really could not bring myself to use it as it is the one and only one that I have and the other reason why I don’t want to use it is because that my current card sleeves are still very new.

Coming to the end of the reviews, if you want to get this locally, you can try The Card Geek which is located at Sunshine Plaza and they MAY still have the supply set. But the best is to order it online and get it delivered within 3 days. Well, that all for my review and stay tune tomorrow for new reviews.

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Charm Collection 1

Hi everyone, it seems like I have not much post for this month due to various reasons, but anyway, I still have a lot of interesting stuffs to post but not for today. Well, today I will be doing a review on something that I have got recently and I really find it very cool. As you can see from the picture, although it is not very clear, it is a black box with the word BLACK*ROCK SHOOTER printed silver on it. The box actually somehow attracted me to buy it and I also find the item quite cool and if you do not know what is the item inside, it is actually the Black*Rock Shooter Metal Charm Collection 01 *Rock Cannon which is the gigantic cannon which Black Rock Shooter use and it is being made into a necklace which is made of die cast metal. Just a little information for you to know Die casting is the process by which molten metal under high pressure is forced into steel molds so as to create specific shapes after the metal cools.

Well the picture on the right is how the necklace looks like although the picture is not very clear. (Even though I got my phone changed…) When I open up the box, I also found out that the Rock Cannon can also be used as a keychain which I will not do so as it will be very heavy and eventually get lost. The necklace looks very attractive as the colour of the Cannon is also very glossy which makes it looks very shinny. Well, I will not use the necklace got now yet because I am collecting them all and the next charm collection that will be release will be Dead Master’s Scythe which I don’t know the name yet.

Well, coming to the end of the reviews, remember to stay tune for more which will be coming up real soon and now I am going back to cleaning up my room, bye bye.

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Touhou Nendoroid Petit: Set 1

Hi everyone, finally after a long time I can finally do a new figurine review which I got recently. Figures nowadays are slow on shipment and they always got delayed… Well, it sure took their time and I wonder when will my Evangelion iPhone external battery pack will come, it should have been released during the period between April and June. To the reviews, today I will be doing reviews on the new nendoroid petit for Touhou series and well, the first set have finally come and you can see from the picture though it is not so clear. As you know, like i have said before in one of my post in the past that I will collect as much Touhou products as possible and I only buy from the Griffon Enterprise and Good Smile Company. You can say that they are the companies that have produced the best Touhou products so far and hope that they will release more.

Looking at the picture on the left you can see three Touhou characters namely, Hakurei Reimu, Suika Ibuki and Aya Syameimaru. Well, the puchi looks more cuter as I have imagine it to be and well, this nendoroids have not disappoint me at all. I actually had a hard time to actually assemble them on the stand as the base joint doesn’t go in and I had to use force and at the same time to control my strength in case the joint breaks. One thing surprising is that this is the first time that I bought nendoroid puchi that actually have a ‘stage’ included in it and I really find it very useful in displaying the nendoroids. Quite expensive though but still worth the price and if you are a fan of Touhou, buy it if you are interested.

Another thing that I just thought of is that, there are so many Touhou characters and I was wondering when will they finish producing all of them as you know, there are people out there who are impatient and the Set 2 of the Touhou puchi will only be released on the month of October and imagine it arrived in Singapore, it would be November by then. Well, that all for my reviews and stay tuned for my next review anytime soon, bye.

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Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd

Hi guys, it has been a very long time since I last posted. Well, before you guys stop coming to my blog, I should better post more stuffs. Well, today I will be doing a game review on the recently released game name: Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd. If you guys played the 1st Project Diva before, you should know this game pretty well. You know, now I am going all original so I got a new PSP since the last one broke down and this new PSP actually uses all original software so I can’t play any downloaded games unless it is from the Playstation Network. Well, this game actually comes with a “freebie” but they told me that you can only get it if you buy two of the games and I was like (…). I was hoping to get it though but oh well.

Along with this game release, they also have the accessories set for PSP and I also bought it along with the game but I will go into the reviews next time. To the game itself, the game actually have some new functions and well, if you have played the 1st Project Diva, you can actually transfer the costumes that you have unlock to Project Diva 2nd and well, that save time from unlocking them all one by one. Some new gameplay too, the arrow with button and the drag. (Maybe you won’t understand but try out the game if you are curious.) The game now also have duet which you can actually choose two characters and they will dance together in some of the songs and well, you can’t actually choose them randomly as their voices doesn’t change even if you chose a different character. There is still a lot of new things that I have not unlock and also curious about it but I have already unlock all of the songs within 2 days of playing during the holidays.

Coming to the end of the reviews, remember to tune in frequently for more reviews up in stock, bye.

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