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Ichiban Kuji Prize A: Takamachi Nanoha

Konichiwa minna-san!! Time to do another review for today as I have quite a lot of things on standby and they are occupying quite some space in my room. Have you guys heard of the word Ichiban Kuji or have you tried it before? Well, this is linked to today’s review and as you may have know, recently they are holding this Nanoha The Movie 1st Ichiban Kuji and they have quite a lot of prizes for you all to win. Well, I initially didn’t want to play the Ichiban Kuji, but after seeing the real thing, I played it a few times. One of the prize that I have gotten was this scale figure of Takamachi Nanoha and I was kind of lucky to get her in my second try and also, there are only less than 4 of them. Going to the reviews now and opening the box…

Here we have it, Takamachi Nanoha Barrier Jacket mode. Well, to start off, this figure is not bad as I can say as the posture and design is good. About the colour scheme, it is not very good as the painting isn’t done nicely as I can see that smudging of paint on her sleeves. I love the way that they have designed her flier fins as the wings look like real animal wings and the way it is bended, it makes it feel as though that she is really flying

Let’s take a closer look at her and raging heart. It makes me wonder why their raging heart doesn’t have any part that can be removed so that sliding the raging heart into Nanoha’s hand will be easier and it will not badly damaged the figure. Well, can’t complain about it but anyway, the figure is not that bad actually and if you want me go give a rating, I would give it 4/5 stars. Anyway, if you guys are thinking on getting your hands on it, it will be a tough job as this is a lucky draw item and once it is finish, there will be no more stocks left and you last resort will be purchase it through other people at a higher price.

Well, this is all for my review for today and I hope to see you again in my next review where I will be doing more reviews on other Ichiban Kuji prizes. Sayonara~


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Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade updates!!

Konichiwa minna-san!! This is an extra post for today to share something for you guys although some of you may know this. I checked my blog stats recently and found out that there is actually quite a number of you that are looking for the game in Singapore and to those people who have found the game but gone missing a few days after, this is an emergency. Sharing this with you guys, I first found the machine at Causeway Point Timezone but I didn’t got the chance to play, so I decided to wait for the next day but the machine have problem surfacing out. Next, I got an information from one of you guys saying that the machine was located at Bugis Virtualland.

Maybe I have got my information wrongly so if you may want to correct me. Today the game arrived in AMK Hub Zone X and if you have read from the Zone X website, it is only for a limited period only and they have started since today. Hope I can get as much information as possible so that I can share it more with you guys. (Wondering whether the machine is still at Bugis…)

Three locations down to two, Bugis and Ang Mo Kio, if you cannot find the machine at Bugis, I can conclude that the game will only be in Singapore for a limited time only. I hope I can play it soon and I am sharing this information with you guys is so that you all can get a chance to play the game too. To the people who are reading this post also, I hope that you all will be considerate to other people and let others have a chance to play the game too so everyone can be happy. O///O

Well, this is all for my sharing for today, will be doing reviews tomorrow, so stay tuned. Sayonara minna-san!!

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Gundam 00 Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

Konichiwa minna-san, going to do more updates with everyone since I have the time. Well, this is to all Gundam fans out there and to those who are curious and interested in it. You may have know that after the last episode of Gundam 00 second season, they have also announced that they are releasing the movie of Gundam 00, A Wakening of the Trailblazer. As what we have always accounter through these years, we normally can’t watch this movie in Singapore cinema and there are only a few of them that can make it to Singapore. But no worries this time, to all fans out there who are dying to watch this movie, now you can in Singapore as they will be airing this movie locally at the same date as Japan on 18 September to 29 September which have already started a few days ago. Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil you as I have watched the movie already but what I can say is that the movie was great and definitely worth the time and money.

Well, to get the tickets, you will have to purchase it from the SISTIC or you can book it online through their website. The area of screening is at Alliance Franchaise Theater which is located near Newton Mrt station and you will have to walk there and it will be a little difficult to locate the area as there are constructions going on now. Well you can see from the picture that I have taken, it is the place that they are screening the movie at and though it is quite small but the experience is great. Love everything and also not forgetting, they are also selling merchandise there but I wonder do they still have it or not as that day that I went there was the first day of screening. If you are a fan or if you are interested, book your tickets at SISTIC now.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and hope to see you again real soon. Jya-nee!!

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1/8 Scale Feena Fam Earthlight Royal Dress up Edition

Konichiwa minna-san, today I will be doing a review on something that arrived just recently and as you can see from the picture, something is wrapped with a bubble wrap. But before I go into the reviews, I was wondering how many of you people out there who read my blog have played Visual Novel before. If you have, you should be able to know this figure that I will be reviewing about if you have come across this game or even heard the name before. The box is kind of big but definitely worth the price and it is quite expensive though. (Hope they could have included the game in it since it is so expensive…haiz)

Unwrapping the box and… Phew… look at the picture on the right and you can see Feena Fam Earthlight Royal Dress up Edition. There may be a few of you who are curious about what is this Visual Novel and well, I couldn’t quite tell you the name as it is very long and also hard to remember but you can look it up through her name. This figure interest me on the net the first time I saw it and I was thinking that she is so beautiful and thought of getting my hands on her since it is also a limited edition figure and you know how much I love limited edition stuffs but they are all so expensive. Well, not to waste so much time of everyone, I shall now bring my Royal Majesty out from her long sleep in the box…

Here we have our Royal Majesty in her greatest glory. (Took quite some time to assemble some of the parts…) Well, there is no complains from me on this figures and what I can say that Kotobukiya has done a great job in producing this figure and I hope that they will continue their good work. I love this figure in a way as when you look at it, it shines so brightly under light and the figure also have a shiny look as the paint that they have used is different from normal figures.

Take a close up look at her… The detail of the figure is good and also the colour scheme that brings out her beauty. The detail of the hair is also good and so far all of the figure that I have bought have great details except for Kudryvka Noumi Pyjamas ver. by Clayz as I don’t really like the way they have done her hair. Overall, I can say that this figure is definitely worth to buy as it is well crafted and if interested, you should buy it when you come across it but might be expensive though as she comes with some extra stuffs…

This is all for my reviews for today and hope to see you again soon as I have tons of review coming right up. Sayonara minna-san!!

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Figma: Teana Lanster

Hi everyone, time for another review for the month and today I will be doing a review on a figma from one of my all time favourite series. Well, if you have know me long enough, you will know that I actually like the Nanoha series and I am also a fan of it. Today, the character that I will be reviewing on will be Teana Lanster from the Nanoha StrikerS series and this is the figma that I have actually waited very long ever since the released of figma Subaru. As usual, she comes in a square figma box which all Nanoha figmas do and this means that there will be lots of accessories that will be inside.

Well, here we have her in her with cross mirage in her dagger mode if I remember correctly. This figma actually surprise me in some ways as you know it, some figmas have soft PVC materials for their skirts and well, she is also made the same way but I think that the PVC is way too soft and can you imagine it that I could actually remove her outer barrier jacket off. Not bad as I can say about the figure and I actually had her hard time to decide hoe should I pose her in and well, decided to do some random posing.

A close up look at her on the picture on the left, it actually makes me kind of feel weird to pose her this way as I find it more suitable for Subaru, will do some changes when I have the time. My figma collection for Nanoha series is really getting together and I hope that they will release Erio and Caro soon as I have already seen them from WonderFest exhibition. As a Nanoha fan myself, I am actually quite disappointed with myself as I didn’t have the money to actually get the Nanoha The Movie 1st Ichiban Kuji which is a lucky draw with various Nanoha product that you can win and well, I didn’t got it.

Another small update from me, to those people who read my blog frequently or if you happen to read this post, a piece of good new and it is that the AFAX programmes have been announced during the conference that was held today morning and I was wondering why are they hosting it early in the morning at 10a.m and you actually have to reach there an hour earlier to prepare. Well, more update will be available on their website if you want to know more and I am really excited about the event and be warned, start to save up your cash now as it will be an event where you will spent on tons of items that are available.

Well, that is all for my post for today and will be doing updates on the upcoming event, AFAX on my blog as soon as possible. Visit again soon, bye~

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade

Hi everyone, thought that I should do this post as soon as possible before it gets outdated to you guys. Well, today I will be doing an introduction to an arcade game as you can see from the picture is Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade. When this game first released in Japan, it became a very popular game very quick as you know, there are a lot of Hatsune Miku fans all around dying to play this game and well, I am one of them. The objective of this post for today is to tell the Singapore fans out there who are waiting to announce that the long wait is over, the game have finally released in Singapore which not many places have it yet and so far the only place that I have seen is Causeway Point and you may be surprise that you may need to queue for a very long time just to wait for your turn.

Well, other outlets will release this game soon and most of them will arrive in this month and Zone X is one of them. I actually wanted to play the game today after finding it but because of the long queue and there was like 8 credits in the machine and I know that it will be a long wait just to play the game. I decided to try my luck tomorrow and also, just like most of the games, this game also have a game card that you can purchase to actually save your progress and I saw from what other people do is that the game also can save your progress onto your phone and instead of scanning your card, you scan your phone instead

That is all for my post for today and to all fans out there who wants to play and are playing them now take note, please be considerate and let others have a chance to play it because the machine is not yours. (From today’s experience…) See you at the next reviews, bye.

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Nendoroid: Black * Rock Shooter

Hi everyone, long time since I last posted and will not be doing so much reviews nowadays as I need to prepare for my national examinations. Well, today I will be doing a review on nendoroid Black * Rock Shooter as you can see from the picture. This is actually a very beautiful nendoroid of Black * Rock Shooter as I can say as I like the various things that is inside this figure. First, is the clothing material, just like the figma, it is also made of the same material which make it look glossy and attractive. Second, is the various accessories that is included in the box itself and not forgetting the limited DVD that is also included inside. Kind of makes me curious whether the Dead Master figma and nedoroid will have more DVD included inside. Lastly is the nendoroid base that is used for Black * Rock Shooter.

Here is the accessories and the DVD as you can see from the picture on the left and well, quite a lot of things as I can say. Good Smile actually have done a really good job in producing this figure as the accessories is really useful in my opinion and they also have included something like a replaceable hair piece for her when you want to remove her fire on the eyes. The rock cannon is also not that heavy for the nendoroid to carry and there is no second stand for the rock cannon like the figma do. About the DVD, like I have said during the previous review, the DVD actually have a different design and this time, they have use the picture of the nendoroid as the design for the the DVD.

Well, here is nendoroid Black * Rock Shooter in her cutest form. Maybe there will be a few of you guys wondering why I have pose her in such form and the reason is, I just find her this way better. You will be also able to see the base that is used for this nendoroid which I think it is cool to include such stuffs and I think that it is the 1st nendoroid of mine that have such special base and well, i am not sure about whether are there any other nendoroids that have such special base. This time round, the nendoroid uses the three jointed stand which I think that it is not very good in my opinion as the way that it is connected makes the articulation limited and well, not a very obvious problem as to what I can say. An overview of this nendoroid, I think that it is a great nendoroid to actually have as it have tons of surprises that you can discover yourself.

Coming to the end of the review, remember to stay tuned for the next review coming real soon.

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