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AFAX Highlights

Konnichiwa minna-san!! Do you know what will I be doing today? Well, the highly anticipated event of the year which is the Anime Festival Asia is coming real soon with just three week of time to prepare for everything. I will be going to update some of the highlights to you guys out there who can’t wait for the event. I was actually quite surprise after the second conference for the event as they have announced something that I didn’t expect that will happen. Well, will be going to that later on but for introduction, there might be people out there who don’t know that this will be the third time that this event is held and it all started during 2008. Had a really good time during the past two events and had loads of fun. Going to the details of the event now…

This year’s event will be just like the last time where you will have to pay money to gain your entrance into the hall and this year the price of the ticket will be $8 per person to gain entry to the festival site ONLY!! There is another site which is the stage that is together with the event and to gain entry, you will have to purchase the Festival + Stage access ticket which cost only $15. (Take note: ticket grants the access to the event for one day. Another purchase of the ticket is needed to go for the second day of the event.) The price of the ticket is quite high as I can say as $30 is needed to go for both day of the event. But it is quite woth though as this is the biggest event of the year that you can’t miss.

To the next segment of the event is the I ❤ anisong concert which will be held on the evening of both days of the event. If you have attended the past years concert, you should know how the concert will be like but it is a bit different though. This concert have two part which is named Side A which is on the first evening of the event and Side B on the second evening of the event. The pricing will also be different like the last time as there will only be limited seat available both VIP and standing pass. VIP passes are sold at a price of $198 for both days and $118 for one day which I think is definitely worth it. Standing passes are for sale at only $55 and you can actually purchase the tickets now at the available outlets in Singapore and for other country, you can check the website for more details. People may wonder what is the difference between Side A and Side B. Well, different artist will be performing during the two days and for Side A, the artist performing will be JAM Project and Ichirou Mikuki and for Side B, the artist performing will be Scandal, Angela and May’n. Well, I have purchased the second day VIP pass as I know the artist better. They have also announced that the will be also an autograph session for the VIP pass holders and it is limited to 500 people only and Scandal will be signing for you. (I wonder if we need to purchase their albums or not?)

Next segment of this post will be the experience zones that will be at the event itself and too bad that I am not allowed to use the picture for references or I may get caught and bear the consequences. You all might have know that last year’s Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe was a blast and this year, they will be back more more and this time round it will be Moe Moe Kyun School Day version and I know the guys out there can’t wait to be served soon. Accompanying the Moe Moe Kyun, this will be the first time that they will be opening up a Butler Cafe to serve the girls and get pampered like a princess. There is also other highlights like the Regional Coaplay Championship 2010 and just as you know, I am cosplaying but I will not be entering their competition as I don’t think that I am up for it yet and also, I have a group yet. The next experience zone is the Akiba Mini Stage where there will be a fun filled activities all day long. There will also be an Anime Blockbusters where they will be screening two movies on the stage and the two movies is Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. If you want to catch these two movies, you got to get the stage access ticket to enjoy. During the event, the Akiba Town will also be set up to sell exclusive merchandise and more. So start saving up right now or you may end up regretting at the end of the day.

During the event itself, there will be special guests coming over and this is the one chance that you will be able to meet them face to face or maybe to get their autograph. The few people will the Danny Choo, Kaname, Aira who is a celebrity coaplayer and the seiyuu for the Anime, Milky Holmes. Though there is still much more stuffs, you can check out the details at their websites.

This was announced during the second conference of the event and well, SEGA will also be joining the event as well and everyone probably would have know what is going to happen during the event. Did you guys get to have a chance to play the game during last month at a few area where they are testing out their online functions? Well fear not as you will have another chance to play this game during the event itself and I think that they will be brining a few machines, not just one as there will be tons of people waiting to play the game. Just an advice before the event, please let other have a chance to play and not be standing beside the machine waiting to put your coin in though I don’t think that it will be free.

Next will be something that some of you guys may be interested in which will be an autograph session with the seiyuu for Milky Holmes but hang on a minute, you got to purchase some of the Milky Holmes products to entitle you to an autograph by ONE seiyuu only. Don’t miss this great chance.

Well, I have come to the and for the updates for today though there is still much more stuffs that I have not mentioned but if you want to know more, you can go to this website, for more details. So see you in the coming review, Matane~ minna!!


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Figma: Kotobuki Tsumugi

Konnichiwa minna-san!! Is everyone enjoying their weekends? Well, I didn’t… Had to study for the upcoming paper and also to watch some animes that are released today. Since I had the time, I should go on to the next figurine and review them. Well, today I will be reviewing the fourth character from the K-on! series and she is non other than Kotobuki Tsumugi. Let’s just not talk about the box and anyway it is in purple with the designs being the same too. Not so much things that are included with her as I can say but still a great figma though. I was thinking why only figma yui had the D.I.Y. face included only but not the others. (Maybe they did not show that many expressions?)

Bringing her out of the box… Here we have it, Tsumugi with her instrument, the keyboard. I actually had a hard time to pose her freely due to her long hair which actually restricts the joint movement of the stand and luckily, they have included a head piece which allows you to connect her to the joint sideways so that it will not look weird.  The figma have great details especially the keyboard as you can see the little details and wordings printed on it. I wonder whether is it my figma only as I feel that the exchangable hands didn’t really fit into the sleeves nicely and from the front, you can see clearly the left out part which didn’t go into the hole. Apart from that everything else is great.

An overview of this figma, it is a great figma as I can say, being ranked number 10 as the popular figures that people bought if you had watched the Culture Japan episode 0. If you had not get her yet and planning to get her soon, you better be quick or it may get sold out.

Coming to the end of my reviews for today, the next review that I will be doing will the the last figma from the keion bu and you should know who she is and if not, just stay tune to the next review coming up real soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Figma: Tainaka Ritsu

Konnichiwa minna-san!! Going to do a figure review for today as I still have a bunch of then and more of them came today. Well, if you have read my past few post, you should be able to know what I will be reviewing on for today. To the third character of the keion bu is Tainaka Ritsu, the president of the club. Just like what I have said for the past few post, the K-on! figma box have a very nice design but for Ritsu, due to the instrument set being so big, they have to use the big figma box instead of the small one to fit in all of her accessories and Ritsu have her box in yellow colour.

Bringing her out of the box… Here we have it, Ritsu in all of it’s glory. I actually had a hard time to assemble them together especially for the drum set as you will need to handle it with care and it may snap easily if too much force is used. If you want to pose her playing her instrument set, patience is also needed to move the joints to fit it nicely to the stand and the chair. I initially thought that she can be placed on the chair without using the stand but had to use it as she is not able to balanced properly on the chair without support.

Overall, this figma is great as they are able to provide you with the full instrument sets for you without missing out anything. If you are a fan of K-on! or if you have the other characters, you should get this as well.

Coming to the end of the review, I hope to see you again soon and will be giving updates for the upcoming event, AFAX!! Stay tuned..

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Figma: Akiyama Mio

Gombawa minna-san!! As I promised, I will be doing another figure review for today and after yesterday’s review, some of you guys may have guessed what will I be reviewing today even before I posted. Well, off to the second character that I will be reviewing on, figma Akiyama Mio. After getting my hands on her, I found out that not all K-on! figmas have the same accessory and as you can see quite clearly from the box, there is no D.I.Y face this time and I wonder why too. Well, just one missing item isn’t going to harm the figure anyway and just like Yui, the box is also nicely designed but in a different colour. If memory serve you right, you will remember that Yui box was in pink and this time, Mio’s box is in blue.

Going into the figure itself… Just like Yui, the figma is nicely coloured and detailed. But it is actually quite hard to connect her to a stand as she had long hair which makes it hard for you to straighten the joints properly, which is why they have included an extra small piece of tip which allows you to connect her sideways. Like Yui, hoped that her bass have strings on it to make it look more realistic. The material used is also the same as Yui, soft PVC for their uniform and really, it is really too soft and feels like it will be teared if not handled carefully.

Well, overall, I think that this figma is great in some ways and if you plan on getting Yui, don’t forget her as well or she will be lonely. That’s all for my review for today and not very sure when will I get to post again as some of you guys may know, tomorrow marks the start if of the ‘O’ Level examinations. But anyway stay tuned again anytime soon. Jya~ne minna!!

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Figma: Hirasawa Yui

Konnichiwa minna-san!! I finally get to do a new figure review which I have been waiting to do one ever since I got them together. Curious what it is? Well, as you know, K-on! figmas are really popular and they got sold out really quick during the first shipment so in the end, I got to wait for the second shipment to arrive and after the long months of waiting, I finally got them together. Will be doing the reviews one by one and today, I will be reviewing on figma Hirasawa Yui as you can see from the picture.The box really have some nice designs on them and it looks colourful and attractive.

Bringing out Yui from her long slumber in the box… Here is Yui from the picture you can see from the right and before I review on her, let us take a look at the accessories that is included with her. Well, as you all would know, figmas always have a few common things that saying after a few time will make you feel bored like the exchangable hands or even the figma ziplock bag. Well, there are a few things which are interesting and you will hardly find it in other figmas and first is the guitar bag. Initially, I thought that it is just a normal bag for posing but I am wrong, the bag actually can be open to a certain extend to let you slide the guitar into the bag which I think is really a good item to be included inside. Next is the exchangable shoes, though it is not very significant but still think that it is good to be included as not all figmas have these exchangable shoes. Lastly is the D.I.Y face that is included in the box and also a pack of sticker (It is not quite a sticker though). This is really a good accessory as you can now change her facial expression into other cute faces though it is not much but still a great item to be included.

Going into the figure itself, I think that this is really a well crafted figma as I can say for the colour and details. I also liked the very soft PVC used for the uniform as it gives a smooth feeling to the touch. The guitar, what I can say is that it is detailed to a certain extent as it have some missing details if you take a look at it carefully.The brand of the guitar is missing on the head of the guitar and also it would have been better if there was strings on the guitar as it makes it look more realistic to the look. (Well, I can’t complain much but still a good figma though.)

Overall, I think that this figma is definitely worth buying and to those who have not, get it quick before it gets sold out.

Well, this is all for my reviews for today and will be doing another review soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Konnichiwa minna-san, it’s been awhile since I have last posted and now back to post new stuff that I want to share with you guys. Taking a look at the picture, do you find this familiar? I think that you should know this anime quite well as this anime have become very popular ever since its debut. This anime, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, have become my most favourite show of all times as it have a very well done story plot. This story is about a guy named Kyosuke, found a anime DVD at his house one day and found out that it belongs to his imouto, Kirino and apparently, the content of the DVD box is different which was an adult game namely eroge.During that night, Kirino went to her brother and had a life consultation whereby she showed her hidden collection to her brother and ask about his feelings about her having this hobby which her father didn’t like about. The story continues on on how Kyosuke and Kirino life change after all this that have happen.

Well, I personally think that this is really the best anime that I have watched and it really caught my attention towards it and currently trying to buy the mangas and if possible, the light novels to read. If you have not watched the show yet, I highly recommend you to watch it as the show portrays the life of an otaku really well. (Though not much people in Singapore really play eroge as far as I know.)

This is all for my reviews for today and hope to see you again soon in my next review coming up real soon. Jya~ne minna!!

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Nanoha The Movie 1st puzzle: Fate

Tadaima minna-san!! Back to doing reviews again and now I will doing a random review on something that I have just ordered and arrived. Well, anyone can guess from the picture on what i am going to review on for today. I will be doing a random review on this Fate puzzle that I have just finish putting them together during this afternoon and not a tough work though as it is just 300 pieces only. I kind of got bored of the same poster that I put on my room’s wall so I decided to try something like hanging up a fixed puzzle that are anime related of course. I did have a 1000 pieces puzzle hanging in my room last time and it was a Yu-Gi-Oh one and kind of got bored of it too and I switch it to the Yui wall clock that I got a few months back. (This reminds me to get rid of the old puzzle tomorrow when I go out…)

After putting the puzzle pieces together, I find it quite fun in a way and though of looking for a 1000 pieces Nanoha puzzle. I wonder if they have it or not as I can only find the 300 pieces ones and I still have Nanoha which I have not fix yet and planning to when I get another puzzle frame from the jigsaw puzzle world next time but not anytime soon. (Guess that fate will be lonely for now…)

Well, this is all for my random post for today and see you again next time!! Sayonara minna-san!!

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