Milky Holmes Autograph Session

November 16, 2010 at 6:29 pm Leave a comment

Moe~suu minna-san!! Back to posting again and I just brought my CPU for fixing and it will be another few more days till my computer returns. Well, before I go into today’s review, photos for the Anime Festival Asia X’s figure display have been uploaded to my facebook account and you can take a look at them by finding my name through my email address. If you do not know my email, you can get it from the ‘All about Hayate’ section in this blog. Going to today’s post (I can’t really say it is a review), from the picture on the left you can see the Weis Schwarz card that is signed by the seiyuu of the series.

Well, if you guys have know, there was a autograph session during the two days of the event and the response was very big as you can see the long queue streches around the Bushiroad’s booth. During the first day, I thought of only getting one of my card sign but in the end, I ended up getting another two more card signed on the second day and it was really a last minute decision. It makes me feel kind of sad as I am short of Nero’s signature and I had to use the pre-signed promo card as a replacement as you can see in the picture.

Getting the cards signed was really a tough job as I had to queue for a long time just to wait for my turn and each seiyuu only sign a number of cards only and when the limit is reached, they change to the next seiyuu. You also got to queue a number of time if you want to get all of the 4 seiyuu’s signature.

Well, coming to the end of today’s post, remember to stay tune for more news and update coming up real soon. Matane~ minna-san!!


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Anime Festival Asia X Figma: Azusa Nakano

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