Black*Rock Shooter Limited Edition Blue-Ray DVD set

January 3, 2011 at 11:01 pm Leave a comment

Moe~suu minna-san!! Did everyone have fun over the holidays? Well, school is going to reopen for some of you guys tomorrow but not me as I am waiting for my results to be release. Was wondering, did anyone of you guys out there actually read my post from the 1st? If you do, you should know that today is the 1st year anniversary of my blog. I can finally congratulate myself for these wonderful one year of posting. Well, I will improve my blog better and better to keep you guys coming again. Going into the details of the post for today, I will be doing a Blue-Ray DVD review on the recent released Black*Rock Shooter. Have anyone watched the show yet? I liked this series (not really a series as it have only one episode), it have great character design and quite a nice story too. As you can see from the picture, that is the box of the Blue-Ray DVD and not forgetting that it is actually a limited edition product which comes with a few interesting stuffs.

Well, to show you what is inside… Here you have it in the picture, all the stuffs that comes along with the set. Well, initially I thought that the set only comes with the Blue-Ray DVD and the nendoroid petit, later did I found out that there is a small graphic book and storyboard that comes along with it. There is also a few pieces of advertising paper on the going to be released Black*Rock Shooter game if you have known about it already. Today I will not be doing the review on the nendoroid petit as I am not going to open it anytime soon. But I will definitely do a review on it when I open it. Another thing is that, inside the Blue-Ray DVD box, there include two disc, one which is the Blue-Ray DVD and the other one is the normal DVD for those people out there who still doesn’t own a Blue-Ray player. Interesting enough though.

Well, I have come to the end of my review for today, if you are a fan of Black*Rock Shooter, you may want to think about getting your hand on this set. Jya~ne minna-san!!


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