Open Suggestions!

January 20, 2011 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

Moe~suu minna-san!! How are you guys? Today, I will not be doing any reviews or any special things. Apparently, I have been given suggestions by some of my friends on how to improve my reviews better and I would like to take this opportunity to actually get some advise from you guys who have visited my blog. Feel free to actually write what you have got to say and I may use some of the ideas given by you guys to improve my reviews.

This post may be a boring post I know as there isn’t any pictures that I can use and on the other hand, I am also quite busy with lots of stuffs. My room is also in a mess and I would like to clear it as soon as possible so that I can proceed on to my other figure reviews.

Anyway, hope to get some suggestions from you so that I can improve my blog better and will be able to get more people to come visit. This is all for my short post for today, hope to hear from you soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!


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Ami Ami’s Ikaros Dragon Magazine March Issue

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