Oreimo Comic Book 3 Special Edition

Moe~suu minna-san! Going to post again before the year end. Well, I actually don’t really do a comic review but this time is an exception. Have anyone watch the show or have read the comics of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. If you have not, this is the one show that you cannot miss as it have become really popular since it’s debut. Today, I will be doing a review of the comic of the show and the reason why I want to do the review is that this is a special edition book that have exclusive item that comes along with it. To be truthful, I had a hard time looking for this special edition book which most places have already sold out and managed to get it back at some other places.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the special edition have a cover which is different from the normal edition and just as you note, the comic is in Japanese. Well, the content is also the same as it is from the same title so it is just the cover that is special. Will not go into the details of the book as you will only understand it if you have also purchase the book. If you can see from the picture, there is also a cardboard box that comes along with it and it is the exclusive item that I have said previously. Some of you may have know what is inside but still I will have to go into that now.

Opening up the box… And here we have it, a puchi of Ayase which is the exclusive item. Though they are not as good as the Good Smile Company, these figures is still great as the details of them is not off. I wonder what company is it from as everything is written in Japanese on the box. One part I like about the puchi is her hair which is detailed and her hair looked like is being blown by the wind and if you look from the side, it is actually perfect.

Well, I got not much to comment about the puchi but anyway, if you guys want to get your hand on it, you better do it now as it is selling out fast locally and also on the verge to selling out in the internet. That’s all for my post for today and see you in my next post real soon and though it is not the time yet with just a few minutes left, I still wish you guys a Merry Christmas . Jya~ne minna-san!!


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Nendoroid: Reimilia Scarlet

Moe~suu minna-san! Just got back from camp yesterday and still feel a little bit tired from the camp but either way, I will still be continuing to do a post for today. Well, was thinking and choosing very hard on what to do for today or what to review for today so I ended up choosing her, Reimilia Scarlet from Touhou. Had wanted to do a figure review of her since ages (though not that long), so I will be doing a review on her. How many of you guys know about Touhou? I bet that there are many as I always see fans outside crazing about it. Well, I am one of them too. Scarlet is one of my most favourite character of Touhou and when I got my hands on this nendoroid, I felt so happy at the moment. There are also other Touhou nendoroids that have already been released but I didn’t got my hands on some of them. Will get it when I have the money. Well, to the reviews now before I get too far. The box have a nice pinkish design on it and you can see the little bat wings that are printed on it. Pretty suiting colour scheme for a character like Scarlet.

Opening up the box… Here we have it, Reimilia Scarlet. Isn’t she beautiful? Had been thinking of cross-dressing as her ever since before the Anime Festival Asia. But I chose Kirisame Marisa instead. Will be cosplaying as Scarlet when I go a little more pro. To the nendoroid itself, as always, the colour scheme and detail is always at it’s best and never once let me down. I wonder what made me feel so attracted to her, it makes my hand itchy on getting my hands on the others as well. Another thing to be surprise is that this is the first time that I have seen a printed base for a nendoroid. Got to praise them as it makes the nendoroid looks more beautiful in a way and not to forget that it is printed so that you need not to worry about it being faded off.

Well, this is indeed a good nendoroid as I can say, if you are a fan of Scarlet or Touhou, you may want to buy her home. This is all for my reviews for today and will see you soon in my next post. Jya~ne minna-san!

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Dengeki Magazine January Issue

Moe~suu minna-san!! Back to posting again for today and today I will be doing a review on a magazine which I normally don’t. I plan to do this review as the magazine inclusive is what’s important and some of you guys may have already gotten your hand on it. Onto the magazine itself first, this magazine is actually quite interesting and this is only the second book that I have bought so far as the first one comes with the nendoroid petit Kanade (Tenshi). So just as you that I don’t collect this magazine as it will be beyond my magazine budget.

This magazine talks about some of the new anime series that have already ended or ongoing. It also have information on the new Visual Novel which will be released later in the months to come. Not forgetting some of the game consoles games that will be released soon and the always will be included item which is the manga section. The book is quite think and if you know how to read Japanese characters, it will take you quite some time to finish reading the whole book.

Well, to the next part of the review will be the magazine inclusive item which will always come with every issue of the magazine. Well, the reason why I specially bought this issue is that the inclusive that comes with it is the popular character of the ongoing series, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Kousaka Kirino. I wonder can it be also considered a nendoroid but anyway, let us just call it a petit for now. She is definitely cute but I like Kuroneko more and I got to collect them all. The petit is nicely detailed though I had a hard time putting the head in place as I worried that it might break off. Comes with it is a piece of paper announcing the latest Kirino figure Chara-ani.

Well, not much to talk about in this magazine review and if you haven’t get your hands on it yet, you better do now as it is selling fast now due to the popularity of the character. Anyway, have anyone also ordered the magazine which has Kuroneko petit included in it? I can’t wait for it to be released!! That’s all for today’s post and see you again soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Figma: Dead Master

Moe~suu minna-san!! It been a long time since I last posted in my blog and not to worry, it is not down or under maintenance, it is just that I am quite busy with my work nowadays and I had to sleep early so that I will not feel so tired the next day. Well, let’s leave the unimportant things aside, today, I will be doing a review that I have been wanting to do since last month and now that I have the time, so why not. I will be doing a review on figma Dead Master as you can see from the picture. This was actually bought during the Anime Festival Asia X and the price is very reasonable though I thought that it will be expensive. Dead Master is actually one of mine most favourite character from the series and though it has not much item as compared to Black Rock Shooter (BRS) but it is still very cool. The box have nice squarish design but in green as compared to BRS and the box is back to the normal opening unlike the BRS which uses flap. Well, it also doesn’t comes with a DVD so just as you know.

Opening up the box… From the right, you will see Dead Master with two flying skulls just like the ones from the show. Kind of disappointed with the lousy pictures that I have taken as it is not really good though when you flash it, the skull will look alive. After looking at the figma, it makes me feel like buying her PVC figure which have already been out but quite expensive to me as I have not gotten my pay yet. Next thing about the figma will be the posing and if you know, it is actually quite difficult to pose her as the scythe is quite heavy for the figma. But in conjunction to this, Good Smile Company have provide us with hands that doesn’t have articulation and this makes you only allowing the hands to rotate only.

Well, Dead Master will be lonely without Black Rock Shooter and now, why are they fighting? Well, quite sorry that I can’t think of a good pose to put them together so this is the best one so far. Looking forward to Black Gold Saw to join the team but it will take some time as even the nendoroid of Dead Master have not been released yet.

Coming  to the end for this post for today, I will try my best to find time and post more in my blog, so look forward for more reviews and updates. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Figma: Azusa Nakano

Moe~suu minna-san!! Back to doing figure review as my computer is now fixed. Well, I almost forgot that I have my last K-On! figma that I need to review about and she is non other than Azusa Nakano. This is what you can say, the best figma of the series as she is the cutest among all my collection. Well, she is the winner of the Saimoe tournament 2010 and if you wonder what Saimoe tournament is, it is actually a single elimination tournament to designate the most moe female character among a few thousand contestants from anime newly aired or released during the previous year.(If you want the details, you can check out the wiki’s page.) Putting everything aside, let us go into the review. Pretty much the same box anyway but in a different colour and bringing her out of the box…

Here we have it, Azusa Nakano with her Mustang guitar. As usual, she comes with some accessories and like all other guitar user, she also have herself a guitar bag, just nice to fit her guitar inside. There is also a nekomimi included and to use it is really simple, you just have to slide it on her head will do. The rest of the accessories are the common ones like the exchangable face and hands. Onto the figure itself, it is nicely detail like all other figma but the only problem is the twin tail articulation. It cannot really move much due to the small joint but it doesn’t really affect the poseture much.

In conclusion, this is really a great figma to get if you are a K-On! fan yourself or you have the other characters. You can’t miss out on this! Well, this is all for my short review for today and stay tune to the next review coming up real soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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Milky Holmes Autograph Session

Moe~suu minna-san!! Back to posting again and I just brought my CPU for fixing and it will be another few more days till my computer returns. Well, before I go into today’s review, photos for the Anime Festival Asia X’s figure display have been uploaded to my facebook account and you can take a look at them by finding my name through my email address. If you do not know my email, you can get it from the ‘All about Hayate’ section in this blog. Going to today’s post (I can’t really say it is a review), from the picture on the left you can see the Weis Schwarz card that is signed by the seiyuu of the series.

Well, if you guys have know, there was a autograph session during the two days of the event and the response was very big as you can see the long queue streches around the Bushiroad’s booth. During the first day, I thought of only getting one of my card sign but in the end, I ended up getting another two more card signed on the second day and it was really a last minute decision. It makes me feel kind of sad as I am short of Nero’s signature and I had to use the pre-signed promo card as a replacement as you can see in the picture.

Getting the cards signed was really a tough job as I had to queue for a long time just to wait for my turn and each seiyuu only sign a number of cards only and when the limit is reached, they change to the next seiyuu. You also got to queue a number of time if you want to get all of the 4 seiyuu’s signature.

Well, coming to the end of today’s post, remember to stay tune for more news and update coming up real soon. Matane~ minna-san!!

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Anime Festival Asia X

Moe~suu minna-san!! Some of you guys may wonder why I have not been posting for so many days and well, I had my examinations and till I know it, my computer broke down on me while I had a whole list of items that I want to post about. Well, it have not been fixed yet and currently using other computer from other sources and I finally got to post today. This post might seen to be wordy as I don’t have the pictures that I can really use but feel free to read on as it might be interesting to you guys.

Well, you all might have know that the biggest event of the year, Anime Festival Asia X, happen just 2 days ago until yesterday and if have attended the event, you might have seen how big the crowd was. You can see from the picture, the 2 days ticket which i have pre-purchase the week efore the event and to those who have pre-purchase the tickets, you are actually lucky as if you have seen the ticket queue, it was unexpectedly long as it streches from the fourth floor to the third floor.

Both days of the event was really fun and there were loads of stuffs that you can see or do there. I did cosplay during the first day and i kind of chose not to during the second day as I want to do some shopping for figurines and stuffs and I also have to attend the I Love Anisong concert so I thought not to cosplay as it might give me the burdens.

During the first day, I went there quite early and I thought that there might be not much people but I was wrong, the queue was already started and there were some cosplayers there preparing for their costumes and makeups. When the doors opened for the festival, people started to squeeze through the small door which I thought why no one is queuing  properly. I spent quite a lot as I bought stuffs that I really want and also got an autograph chance to get my Weis Schwarz card signed by the seiyuu of the anime, Milky Holmes. Too bad I wasn’t really famous to be the crew member there so that I can take pictures of them up close as it was not allowed to us. The queue was quite long and I only ended up getting Elly’s signature, but it was good enough. I also went for the movie screening of Mardock’s Scramble and it wasn’t that bad at all. There was also the screening of Culture Japan by Danny Choo if you know who he is and he also gave a short and funny talk to us. Well, next is the live dubbing session by Kana Hanazawa who voice the character, Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi) from Angel Beats! She dubbed the scene from the last episode where everyone have left the afterworld except for Otonashi and Kanade, it was my favourite scene and I cried during the dubbing session as the feelings were too strong and I couldn’t hold my tears so I just let it all out. I ended up leaving quite early at 6 p.m. as I was to tired to move on.

During the second day of the event, I had much more fun than the first day and I need not to worry about being busy having my photos being taken. As you can see form the picture, I took a picture with Danny Choo, which makes me feel so happy being able to see him up close. (He was actually quite busy though…) I also bought quite a lot of stuffs during the second day and I took the chance to get another two of my Weis Schwarz card signed by the Milky Holmes seiyuu and this time it was Sherlock and Cordelia. (Didn’t got my Nero card signed so I feel kind of sad…) I also went to see the Regional Cosplay Championship which took place that day and the few teams were so spectacular and they have really nice skit prepared for the competition and it wasn’t a waste of time to watch it. I didn’t know who ended up the champion as after all the team have performed, I rushed to the toilet as I couldn’t hold it anymore. The best part of the event was the Anisong concert and seeing angela, Scandal and May’n performed on stage makes me feel so excited and I totally used up my energy during the concert. It was also the first and the best concert that I have been to and it makes me want to buy the 2 days V.I.P. pass next year as every minute and second was so worthwhile.

Well, couldn’t post any longer anymore as I have a limited time only but if you are interested to ask me questions, feel free to ask me or you can contact me at my facebook and the pictures will also be uploaded onto facebook as I don’t want to make this post too long. See you at the next post real soon. Jya~ne minna-san!!

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